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  • Michael Wright

5 Free To Play Friendly Mobile MMORPGs

If you are like us and love mobile MMORPGs for its vast content and ability to play with people all around the world without spending a dime, then you will love this list. As I am sure you all know, it is difficult to find truly F2P friendly mobile RPG games since many of them are monetisation focused, so we had to dig back through the years on some older titles. We've compiled 5 mobile MMORPGs that can be enjoyed completely F2P. (Some of these will have cash shops, but completely optional to the game play)

  1. Toram Online

  2. Guardian Tales

  3. Adventure Quest 3D

  4. Runescape Mobile

  5. Rangers of Oblivion

Toram Online

Platform: iOS and Android

Cost: Free

Release Date: May 2015

Toram Online is an anime style MMORPG that has been on the market for some time now and one of the truly free to play MMORPGs on mobile. Toram features a great story set in a typical fantasy universe with unique character development and progression system. What we love about this game is that there is a classless skill system which means you can get quite creative with your builds. The game can get quite grindy and does not have any auto play which means you must dedicate quite a bit of time to the game if you want to become competitive. Despite the outdated graphics and being on the market in 5 years, there are still a large player base so definitely give this one a try and give yourself some time to dive into the game as the beginning is quite slow.

Guardian Tales

Platform: iOS and Android

Cost: Free

Release Date: July 2020

Guardian Tales is one of my personal favorites of 2020 mobile games. Don't be fooled by the classic look as this game features some of the most modern mechanics and creativity for a mobile MMORPG. The game is an anime style 2D scroller RPG with an incredible storyline and side quests that builds in-depth character development through humour, empathy and chaos. Beyond the main story, there are a plethora of side quests and puzzles which you can take the time to challenge yourself so expect countless hours of gameplay.

Guardian Tales is multiplayer but does not have a co-op PVE mode, instead the multiplayer is done through PVP, guilds and social communication. It also features a gacha system for characters and gear, however you do not need to spend any money to get through the game with ease. Be warned though, if you do want to compete in PVP this game does become P2W.

Adventure Quest 3D

Platform: iOS and Android (Browser as well)

Cost: Free

Release Date: October 2016

Adventure Quest 3D is a truly free to play mobile MMORPG that features a fantasy world with familiar RPG classes and game mechanics. What we love about this game is that you can unlock all the classes on the same account and switch between them anytime you want to get combat variety and get an advantage to your current surroundings. The game has a great party system which lets players of all skills and levels to party together through a side kick system. Definitely give this one a shot and it's a significantly better experience when you start the game with some friends!

Runescape Mobile

Platform: iOS and Android

Cost: Free

Release Date: October 2018

Runescape Mobile is based on the classic Runescape now revamped and refined for the phone. It is a truly free to play mobile MMORPG that gives you the nostalgic feeling of the classic Runescape game where you can do everything from collecting materials, performing environment actions, fighting against monsters and interacting with players and your surroundings. The gameplay is quite deep with many things to do feeling like a sandbox game which may feel a bit slow for some. This is one of those titles you really want to dive deep and be patient as it can become very rewarding. Definitely give this one a shot, classic hardcore PC gamers will love this one.

Rangers of Oblivion

Platform: iOS and Android

Cost: Free

Release Date: January 2019

Rangers of Oblivion is a free to play friendly dungeon hunter MMORPG. (Free to play friendly as in there is a cash shop but completely optional to the actual game play and will not deter from the experience) There is a classless system where your customisation comes from the weapon you choose once into the game. The game features an incredible combat system with aimed skills, dodge mechanics, and special abilities. Keep in mind the game isn't a true open world as most of the combat happens in instances. There is no PVP in Rangers of Oblivion but you can grab your friends and play co-op in the PVE mode to take down powerful behemoths and find incredible loot.

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