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8 Mistakes We All Make in Smash Legends

Hey guys welcome back to the channel! In this video, let's look at 8 common mistakes players often make in Smash Legends and how you can correct it to guarantee a higher win rate.

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1. Trying to Follow Up With a Secondary Skill After a Normal Attack Combo

One of the most common mistakes made by players and I am still guilty of doing from time to time is trying to chain my secondary skill after using my normal attack or normal attack combo. This mistake often screws me over or even gets me killed. You're always going to get a small animation delay when trying to alternate from normal attacks to your secondary skill which gives your opponent a small window to attack you back. This means if you're hitting your enemy with a 3 hit normal attack combo and try to cast your secondary immediately after, your opponent will almost always be able to attack you back first before your secondary skill goes off. Instead what you want to do is perform your normal attack combo and predict where your enemy will recover, then get yourself some distance so they can't hit you while they recover. Finally, time your secondary skill for when the enemy recovers so you are able to hit them at max range. This will take some practice to master but it becomes extremely effective. If this is too advanced for you right now, just do your normal attack combo and get out, don't try to do your secondary skill because it will not work.

2. Jumping Into Attack Someone Who Is in The Middle of Casting Their Ultimate

Another mistake I am sure all of you have made and still make including myself is trying to jump in and attack someone who is in the middle of casting their ultimate. It simply does not work. You don't want to know the amount of times I tried to attack a Peter while he's spinning or a Ravi while he's casting his ultimate and ended up getting killed. It just does not work, and the enemy is in a invulnerable state while casting their ultimate so don't even try. Instead what you should do is think about how long has the enemy been engaged in battle and whether they have their ultimate or not. If you know they have their ultimate ready, you should try to bait them out by poking them and doing your best to dodge it. Some ultimate skills can be easily dodged by simply jumping while others you will need to side step, make sure to check out my video on combat tips to learn more.

3. Not Aiming at the Direction of a Moving Target

This next one may sound simple and obvious but you will be surprised how often this mistake gets made by players and maybe even yourself. Players often tap the skill button without actually aiming where a moving enemy will be and simply just relying on the auto aim which more often than not will miss against a moving target. One of the more skill driven mechanics in Smash Legends is finding the perfect angle of your skills before using them. It is very easy to miss skills if you're just using them carelessly. Also when you start playing against players who are constantly trying to dodge or bait your skills, you will want to aim in directions that you think they will move to preemptively. With the 2.5D camera angle, it's not always intuitive where you should be aiming your direction pad before using a skill. So one thing I recommend you doing is practice hitting different angles with your favorite legend. This will help you tremendously especially when you're using skill dependent characters like Cyndi.

Also don't forget to check out my other video on Pro Combat tips in Smash Legends and subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with the latest guides.

4. Using Your Ultimate Near a Ledge

So you know those moments when you have your ultimate ready and your opponent is in the perfect spot to get hit and this moment just couldn't feel any juicier. Then you use your ultimate and boom there is a ledge and all of a sudden your ultimate just stops and you're both staring at each other awkwardly. Well this happens to me way more often than I like to admit so I am sharing it with you guys so you don't make this mistake. Ofcource this doesn't apply to every Legend but it does to most. So to fix this is quite easy, just like the previous tip, you will want to aim your ultimate in a direction that does not end up near a ledge. Also don't use your ultimate when you are standing near a ledge because even if one pixel of your character touches that ledge, your ultimate will end and you will be hanging there very awkwardly.

5. Running Away in a Straight Line When You're Too Close

Sometimes in life for whatedsver reason you just need to run away. I mean I would never do it because I ain't no P*ssy but if you do have to do it, make sure you do it in style. So the mistake I often see is people running away in a straight line when the enemy is right behind them. This means if the enemy decides to use a ranged skill, it will for sure hit you even if you're running away. So what's the point of even running away in the first place, you might have as well just stood there and took it like a champ. However if you do want to avoid getting hit while running away, you should run in a zigzag direction and jump around because it becomes much more difficult for the enemy to predict where you will be and hit you.

6. Grouping Up In a Team Fight

This next one should be so obvious but I see it happen so often and sometimes it's by accident because even the best players still make this mistake. And that is grouping up in team fights. How often have you seen the sweet situation where all of your enemies are standing right beside each other and you can hit them all with your skills. It's almost as if they're calling you to hit them. So in the reverse situation, you will want to position yourself away from your team. By doing this not only does it reduce the risk of your entire team getting hit by a wombo combo, but it also messes up your enemy's decision making because they will have to think about who to use their skills on. Anyways always remember this when you're in a group fighting situation.

7. Spamming Your Attacks and Skills And Leaving Yourself Vulnerable

So here is another mistake that should be common sense and obvious but for some reason I still see everyone doing it. And that is spamming your normal attacks or skills without timing them for a guaranteed hit. Whenever you complete a skill or attack combo, you're going to have a small window where you won't be able to move. This basically is the perfect moment for anyone to strike you back. This means if you don't connect your attack and miss, then your opponent can easily turn around and mess you up. So here is how you can fix this. The most simple way is to immediately jumping to one of the sides because your enemy might strike right at the moment your skill ends, and this will cause them to miss. The other way is to not complete your normal attack combo if you notice you won't be able to hit your opponent. So missing the first or second hit of your normal attack combo is ok because it won't lock your animation and you will still be able to move.

8. Not Doing Your Event Pass Quests

This last one is not really an actual game tip but it is a mistake that I haven't paid much attention to and that is not doing my Event Pass Quests. It's quite simple really, you just need to click on the Event Pass menu and look at the quests you need to accomplish everyday. There are 10 quests per day and it gives you points which will unlock awesome goodies such as boxes, gems, gold and other exclusive items like emotes. So definitely do it, it doesn't take too much time and it is pretty much a must if you are completely free to play.

Ok wake up class, I know that was a lot to take in and I don't expect you to remember most of it and that is why they say practice makes perfect. Let's see what we can do together with some of these tricks in actual games. Check out the video above to see it in action!

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