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9 Pro Combat Tips For Smash Legends

Hey guys welcome back! Today I am going to share with you 9 pro combat tips in Smash Legends that's going to make you the ultimate Smasher and dominate the battlefield.

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  1. Bait out your enemy's attacks by backstepping and immediately follow up with an attack while they're unable to move due to their animation cooldown. Doing this is simple, pretend like you're going in and immediately take a step back when you think your enemy is going to attack. You can also move in sharp directions like going straight then a sharp left turn to dodge the enemy attacks. The point here is to bait out the enemy's skills. Ofcource this will come with practice and some intuition until you can master it and it will get tougher against more experienced opponents but this is a crucial mechanic in higher level gameplay.

  2. One of the easiest ways to evade against players is by simply jumping. With some practice you'll sense the enemy is about to attack and you just need to jump to fully evade their attacks. Most people will do ground attacks since you're on the ground, when you get to much higher level gameplay, then maybe you'll meet players who will predict you to jump evade and they'll counter that by performing an aerial attack but at that point it just becomes a mind game. The only down side about this evade is if enemies predict your landing as you'll have a 0.5 second period on landing that leaves you vulnerable to attacks. When you're jumping you should also try to move in circular directions so they have a hard time figuring out where you will land.

  3. One of the more effective evading techniques is side stepping enemy attacks because you can instantaneously attack back with no delay. This one is a bit tougher to perform and it takes some confidence to do it. You will need to predict which angle the enemy will attack and time it in a way so you move aside right when the enemy attacks. As soon as they attack, they will leave themselves open to an attack so you want to follow-up right away. Side stepping does not work very well against AOE attacks like Peter or Master cat's normal attacks since they slash horizontally as well as any AOE supers or other skills. Combine backstepping, jumps and side step evasions to keep yourself unpredictable and bait out your enemies.

  4. Go for as much poke as possible by hitting your enemy with an attack or skill to deal some damage then getting out. This helps you maintain better control of the battle because you can position yourself better and minimize the damage you take. Your goal is to take their health as low as possible without taking much damage yourself until they're low enough so you can go in for the final kill. Basically you want to get as much free damage on the enemy as possible through poking and get to the potions before them. The other benefit of this is when the enemy is at low health, it puts a lot more pressure on them which often leads to mistakes. When you start playing against some of the better players, a lot of the battle will be about trying to avoid your opponent's skills while poking them down slowly and going in for the final kill. I'll make videos on each Legend and their best poking techniques in the future so make sure to subscribe.

  5. Catch enemies with attacks when they're about to land from a jump. There is a small animation delay when an enemy is landing that leaves them vulnerable and unable to do anything. So you want to take advantage of this small window to land your attacks. This will help you land more hits especially when you're playing against more experienced opponents and most of your battle is about trading damage. You can also fake an attack to make your enemy jump evade and then use your combo for when they're about to land. So with that said, don't go around spamming your attacks, instead wait for the perfect opportunity to land a couple of hits, and usually when an enemy is in panic mode they will be jumping a lot so you'll want to be waiting at the bottom for when they land.

  6. Kick them while they're down, when you see an opponent is struggling or knocked up or knocked down, get a few hits in for good measure, not the most honorable thing but it definitely works.

  7. Positioning is extremely important in team fights or group fights. so the most optimal position is having all of your opponents in one direction and giving yourself plenty of escape room behind you incase you need to back up. This way you only need to focus on one angle of your screen and also you can avoid being hit by enemies from different directions. This also makes it difficult for enemies to approach you because they can only come at you from the front and it'll give you more control of the battlefield. Also try to position yourself so it squeezes the enemy into a corner leaving them no room for evasion.

  8. Use Aerial recovery at the perfect time to bait their attacks and avoid getting combo'd. Simply just jump when you're knocked up in the air, you can use it any time so you can try to use it closer to when you're about to fall to bait out your opponent's attacks or you can use it higher up to reset your positioning. Keep in mind you can also use aerial attacks when you use an air recovery so if everything looks right, it could be an opportunity to strike an enemy.

  9. Save your ultimate move or some called it Super for executing the enemy or when the enemy team is grouped up. Don't use it carelessly and waste it, instead save it for a guaranteed kill or when all the enemies are grouped together. Also don't use it from far away because your chances of missing is much higher. So keep your ultimate move in your back pocket and don't use it if you can't guarantee a hit.

Ok wake up class, I know that was a lot to take in and I don't expect you to remember most of it and that is why they say practice makes perfect. Let's see what we can do together with some of these tricks in actual games. Check out the video above to see it in action!

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