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A3 Still Alive: Battle Royale Best Two-handed Axe Weapon Guide

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Welcome to the best two-handed axe weapon guide for A3: Still Alive Battle Royale. In this guide, I will show you how to build the two handed axe using a combination of summons, buffs and AOE DPS. Included in this build guide, I will go over the skill priorities, skill rotations, strategy and items to get.

For some A3: Still Alive Battle Royale game play action on this build or other builds you can check out the This YouTube Channel.

Pros of this Build

  • Very fast mob clearing speeds

  • A very well rounded build

  • Has good sustained damage and some burst

  • An overall versatile class

Cons of this Build

  • No sustainability

  • Easy for other players to dodge your skills (So you will need to time them well)

All Available Skills for Two-Handed Axe

Flame Whirlwind (13 second CD)

Does AOE damage around you by spinning with your Axe

Levelling this skill increases the attack damage.

Berserk (20 second CD)

Receive a buff that boosts attack power and movement speed while reducing defence.

Levelling this increases attack and movement bonus while prolonging buff duration.

Summon Fire Spirit (24 second CD)

Summons a fire spirit to deal huge damage to nearby enemies.

Levelling this skill increases damage dealt by Fire Spirit and extends its duration.

Flame Tornado (13 second CD)

Erupts a small AOE damage around you while pushing back enemies.

Levelling this skill increases damage dealt.

Fire Charge (24 second CD)

Charges towards a direction and stunning the first enemy it contacts. During the charge, the player is immune to Crowd Control (CC).

Levelling this skill increases damage dealt.

Flame Shield (50 second CD)

Reduces final damage taken from the enemy while lowering the defence of all nearby enemies.

Levelling this skill increases damage reduction on self and defence reduction on enemy.

Theft (20 second CD)

Does multiple strikes in front of you stunning the enemy and lowering their defence.

Levelling this skill increases damage dealt, stun duration while further decreasing enemy defence.

Skill Pick Priority:

  1. Flame Whirlwind

  2. Berserk

  3. Summon Fire Spirit

  4. Fire Charge vs. a lot of ranged / or Theft vs. melee

Strategy with the Two Handed Axe Weapon

Early Game - Avoid fights and farm fast! It will take 2 hits to kill an normal monster then only 1 hit once you hit level 3. Pick up Berserk or Flame Whirlwind to farm quicker and get some AOE damage in there for mob groups. Look for elite bosses and chests on the map and get their quickly (if it's too far away focus on farming little mobs).

Mid Game - Look at your mid bar to see when the door will open, time it right so you are the first one to enter the door and start farming the level 2 mobs to get faster exp and items. The Two Hand Axe really shines in later tiers because there are more grouped up mobs for you to use Flame Whirlwind on. Make sure to always keep Berserk active so you can farm quicker. Avoid fights unless you see someone fairly low and you can use Fire Charge or Theft on them to stun and burst them down.

Late Game - Remember when you have your Fire Spirit up, people will want to avoid you so use this to your advantage. Let other people fight it out but if you see them coming to you, look at the next section (Skill Rotation) burst them down and drop your Fire Spirit so they can't do anything against you. Be very careful when you have Berserk up in a group environment because it will make you take extra damage and you can die very quickly with multiple enemies hitting you. As always dodging skills and using your auto attack is very key in Battle Royale so don't forget to do that!

Skill Rotation vs. Players

  1. Begin each fight by activating berserk (be careful because your defence will be lowered)

  2. Engage the enemy with Theft or Fire Charge to stun the enemy depending what you chose.

  3. Use Flame Whirlwind on the enemy.

  4. Now your enemy will want to attack you back, so drop your Fire Spirit and run around it while it attacks the enemy (if your enemy is smart, they wouldn't try to fight you around your Fire Spirit)

  5. Wait around your Fire Spirit until the other skill cooldowns have refreshed.

  6. Repeat skill rotation and get the victory.


Refer to this guide for the different items available in A3: Still Alive's Battle Royale mode.

Gloves: Go for the yellow cooldown reduction gloves.

Shoes: Go for boots that gives defence.

Belt: Take belts that gives EXP bonuses while farming, but grab a damage reduction belt for the last stage to fight players.

Consumables: During the farming stage, I suggest holding potions for any unfortunate events, however you will want damage or defence boosting buffs for the final battle.


I hope this guide has helped you on your journey to the top rank as a Two handed Axe player in the A3: Still Alive Battle Royale mode. Check out some gameplay of my ladder climbing Journey to Diamond on the Korean server in the Battle Royale mode on A3: Still Alive. A3 Still Alive Battle Royale Ladder Gameplay.

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See: The everything you need to know about A3: Still Alive Battle Royale Guide

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