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A3 Still Alive: Battle Royale BEST Earth Gauntlet Guide to Win All Games

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Welcome to the Earth Gauntlet Weapon guide for A3 Still Alive Battle Royale where you can destroy an entire room easily and win games with ease. In this guide you will learn the best strategies to take down your enemies, which skills to pick, what are the best items to choose and the skill rotation during battle. Hope you enjoy!

Pros of this Build

  • Huge AOE damage that can take anyone from 100% hp to 0 instantly.

  • Very mobile and has a i-frame skill that makes you invincible.

  • A lot of CC and Stuns/

  • Moves while auto-attacking. (Can be a disadvantage if you don't know what you're doing)

  • Has a heal based on the AOE damage dealt.

Cons of this Build

  • Long cooldowns on his big burst skills.

  • Difficult to master.

  • Very slow auto/manual attack.

Skill Pick Priority:

  1. Heavy Impact

  2. Call of the Earth

  3. Earth Shatter

  4. Dragon Jump

  5. Full Body Impact or Lightning Flash (If top 4 not available)

A3 Still Alive Earth Gauntlet Battle Royale Weapon Guide


Refer to this guide for the different items available in A3: Still Alive's Battle Royale mode.

Gloves: If you can find a pair of Legendary gloves, definitely get that. Otherwise go for the yellow gloves that gives cooldown to constantly spam Heavy Impact, Earth Shatter and Call of the Earth.

Shoes: Go for any boots here, the ones with defence and evasion is always great.

Belt: Take the EXP belts while farming and if available, swap for the revival or tenacity belt before entering the last sector.

Consumables: Take potions during the farming stage and get the Elixir that resets cooldowns for the last sector. (This item makes Gauntlet extremely over powered)

All Available Skills for the Earth Gauntless Weapon

A3 Still Alive Earth Gauntlet Battle Royale Guide

Heavy Impact

The best AOE skill in the entire game. It is a huge AOE skill that traps everyone inside while doing damage over time and decreasing their defence.

A3 Still Alive Earth Gauntlet Battle Royale Guide skill 5

Earth Shatter

A really good skill to combine with Heavy Impact because it does a medium sized AOE that also stuns enemies with only a 20 second cooldown.

A3 Still Alive Earth Gauntlet Battle Royale Guide skill 7

Call of the Earth

The only sustain skill the Earth Gauntlet has. The AOE range on this skill is quite small, but the more enemies you hit, the more you will heal.

A3 Still Alive Earth Gauntlet Battle Royale Guide skill 6

Dragon Jump

One of the best skills for escaping and engaging. When you use this skill, you become invincible and untargetable. Upon landing, you do a small AOE stun.

A3 Still Alive Earth Gauntlet Battle Royale Guide skill 4

Lightning Flash

A pretty decent long range dash that stuns enemies. Also a great execution skill for low HP enemies.

A3 Still Alive Earth Gauntlet Battle Royale Guide skill 2

Full-Body Impact

One of the funniest skills in the game IMO, if you hit an enemy with it, they will randomly drop an item. It could come in quite clutch for the last fight - especially if you can make them drop an elixir, legendary or potion.

A3 Still Alive Earth Gauntlet Battle Royale Guide skill 3

Energy Blast Flurry

A skill where you need to stand still and channel cast. You do a bit of damage each punch and micro-stun the enemy. However, this isn't the strongest skill and it has a long cooldown.

A3 Still Alive Earth Gauntlet Battle Royale Guide Skill 1

Strategy with the Earth Gauntlet Weapon in A3 Still Alive Battle Royale

Early Game - As always, you will want to just farm as much as possible using your auto attack. Collect crystals and get to weapon level 3 ASAP so you can start killing the dogs with 1 hit. If you find groups of monsters, use Earth Shatter - if you picked it up. If you do find an enemy who is low health, you can chase them quite easily by just using your auto-attack, however don't chase if they are doing nothing but running away. Other than that, focus on farming and get your level and weapon level up!

Mid Game - Continue to focus on farming and get the elite monsters. If you have picked up Earth Shatter and Heavy Impact by this point, you can now start hunting down other players especially weapons that are good for 1v1. (Take them out before the last sector) Just run up to the enemy or enemies (even better) and drop both AOE skills and start auto attacking until they are dead. If you didn't kill them, continue to farm and stay away from fights until your cooldowns are up.

Late game - In late game, try to pick up an Elixir (the item that can refresh your cooldowns) before going into the last fight since your skill cooldowns are quite long. Do not fight without your skills being available, your auto attacks are just simply too weak and can put you in bad situations due to its dash. Try to hide out until you can find groups of people together, then jump into the middle and drop all of your AOEs. This guarantees at least one person to die. For the final fight, use the same strategy and make sure to land all of your AOEs. Once you have, use elixir right away to refresh the cooldown on your skills and do it again. This will win you almost every game.

Skill Rotation vs. Players

Keep attacking and chasing them with auto attacks until they turn around and use their skills. If you noticed you've lost some HP, use Heavy Impact to lock them in the area and drop Earth Shatter on top of them to damage /stun them. Then use Call of the Earth to damage and heal yourself. By this point you should be full HP and they should be either dead or very low.


I hope this guide has helped you on your journey to the top rank as a Earth Gauntlet player in the A3: Still Alive Battle Royale mode. For more information on the latest A3 Still Alive guides and mobile gaming news, follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. See you soon!

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