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A3 Still Alive Battle Royale - Dark Scythe Guide to Win All Games

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A3 Still Alive Battle Royale Dark Scythe Build


Welcome to the Dark Scythe Weapon guide for A3 Still Alive Battle Royale where you can destroy your opponents with short cooldowns, huge sustainability and all around insane damage. In this guide you will learn the best strategies to take down your enemies, which skills to pick, what are the best items to choose and the skill rotation during battle. Hope you enjoy!

Pros of this Build

  • Huge burst potential with a damage amplifier buff and a 100% crit buff.

  • You can go invisible.

  • Short cooldowns.

  • Amazing mobility.

  • An AOE skill that deals massive damage and heals you for the damage dealt.

Cons of this Build

  • Other than your normal attack, your main AOE skills have a very short range.

  • Very squishy without Dark Zone for the heal.

  • Quite weak without Dark Power to buff you.

Skill Pick Priority:

  1. Dark Zone

  2. Dark Power

  3. Totentanz

  4. Hide

  5. Shadow Trap if other skills aren't available.


Refer to this guide for the different items available in A3: Still Alive's Battle Royale mode.

Gloves: If you can find a pair of Legendary gloves, definitely get that. Otherwise go for the yellow gloves that gives cooldown to constantly spam your skills since they already have short cooldowns.

Shoes: Any boots that gives movement speed since Dark Scythe is played like an assassin.

Belt: Take the EXP belts while farming and if available, swap for the revival or tenacity belt before entering the last sector.

Consumables: Take potions during the farming stage and if you can get a freeze or stun items, that would be great to help you land your AOE skills against pro players.

All Available Skills for the Dark Scythe Weapon

A3 Still Alive Battle Royale Dark Scythe Weapon Guide

Dark Zone

Your ultimate skill to keep you alive and deal huge AOE damage.

A3 Still Alive Battle Royale Dark Scythe Dark Zone

Dark Power

Your ultimate buff to make your attacks actually have some damage while helping you move quicker, without this - the Dark Scythe is rather weak.

A3 Still Alive Battle Royale Dark Scythe Dark Power


This is your AOE burst skill that combines really well with Dark Power and Hide.

A3 Still Alive Battle Royale Dark Scythe Totentanz


A great skill for many reasons, it makes you invisible when you use it and your attacks will crit during this buff. However, your defence will decrease during this time as well.

A3 Still Alive Battle Royale Dark Scythe Hide

Path of Agony

A rather useless skill unless you specialise in running away. It just teleports you but then you have a small stuck period which makes that completely pointless.

A3 Still Alive Battle Royale Dark Scythe Path of Agony

Shadow Trap

A decent AOE skill that can stun your enemies and makes you invisible when triggered. It has a wide coverage but it requires someone to actually step on the fake potion it drops.

A3 Still Alive Battle Royale Dark Scythe Shadow Trap

Starving Soul

A terrible skill that casts a soul that moves slower than my 100 year old grandmother but can stun a bit when it comes to contact with an enemy. Anyone should be able to dodge this forever.

A3 Still Alive Battle Royale Dark Scythe Starving Soul

Strategy with the Dark Scythe Weapon in A3 Still Alive Battle Royale

Early Game - As always, you will want to just farm as much as possible using your auto attack. Collect crystals and get to weapon level 3 ASAP so you can start killing the dogs with 1 hit. If you find groups of monsters or the elite monster, use Totentanz or Dark Zone for a fast clear. If you do find an enemy who is low health, you can execute them quite easily if you have hide and a burst skill.

Mid Game - Continue to focus on farming and get the elite monsters. If you have all 4 of your skills (see above) by this point, you can now start hunting down other players. If you know where an enemy is farming, use Dark Power and then Hide, run up to the enemy drop Dark Zone and cast Totentanz for a huge burst. Your skill cooldowns are short, so use them liberally

Late game - In the late game you will want to make sure to focus on getting to level 20 and at least level 12 weapon. This is where you become an assassin and use Hide to your advantage. Try to catch people fighting while you're invisible and burst the stronger of the enemies down. Also, if you are getting low, try to hit as many targets with Dark Zone as possible for a potential full heal. Keep bursting enemies and healing while auto attacking them with Dark Power activated. The victory should be yours.


I hope this guide has helped you on your journey to the top rank as a Earth Gauntlet player in the A3: Still Alive Battle Royale mode. For more information on the latest A3 Still Alive guides and mobile gaming news, follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. See you soon!

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See: The everything you need to know about A3: Still Alive Battle Royale Guide

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