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A3: Still Alive - A Battle Royale MMORPG?! Upcoming on iOS and Android!

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A3: Still alive is a hybrid game that allows both MMORPG fans and Battle Royale fans enjoy a top-down action RPG hack and slasher. (Players can choose to play both or just one of the 2 offered genres) It is Netmarble's latest title and will have a global release date set for November 10, 2020. Based on the popular Korean game A3, A3: Still Alive will be a hybrid MMORPG with a large integration into the familiar Battle Royale System (Think PUBG and Fortnite). This means in the open world, you aren't just fighting monsters and getting stronger anymore, there will be open PvP and open loot that you will need to either travel in a team or be cautious of your player surroundings. The game is available now for pre-registration on iOS and Android.


A3 Still Alive gameplay review

A3: Still Alive offers the flexibility for players to play a traditional open world MMORPG with quests, bosses, dungeons, PvP, levelling up, finding gear, enhancing gear and more. However, there is a completely separate Battle Royale mode which you can enter to fight other players and be the last one standing. This mode has no connection to the rest of the game other than the visuals of your character. Everyone who enters will be level 1 with no gear and all the same power, and regardless of what class you are, you can choose whatever weapon you want. (Skills you equip during the match will be based on the weapon you chose). This means players will have variety in the game or if they just want to play a traditional MMORPG or just the Battle Royale, then they can.

One thing I will mention is that the open world PvE questing can be completely auto-played while PvE dungeons and Battle Royale cannot. (you need to manually play those)

Soul Linkers

A3 Still Alive Soulinker - Mercenary System

If you are a player who just wants to play alone, then there are mercenaries called Soul Linkers to which you can hire up to 3 to be your support. Basically AI party members to help you defeat monsters or other players. There will be over 270 soul linkers to choose from each with the unique trait of attack, defense or support.

See the full Soul Linker Guide for Global

Battle Royale vs. Normal MMO World

Read more about the Battle Royale Mode for A3: Still Alive

The game will not always be in battle royale mode as you will get a good balance between regular the PvE world, PvE dungeons, open world PvP and the PvP in battle royale. How this works is the game has an environment system called Dark Presence and when night falls with the blood moon rising, all players will be able to enter the Battle Royale mode and climb the ranks. It has an actual ranking system for battle royale so you don't always get matched vs the pros if you're a noob. (Keep in mind, they're looking to turn the battle royale aspect into an esport)

There is already a ranking system and LP system (Don't mind my rating)

A3 Still Alive Battle Royale Ranking Board

If if's a PVP Mobile Game, will it be Pay to WIN (P2W)?

The great thing about A3: Still Alive is that the battle royale system is not connected with your PvE world at all, and no matter how strong you are in the open world, every player enters the Battle Royale grounds with the same strength. The main reason for this is because Netmarble is actually looking to make A3 Still Alive into a competitive e-sports game where even players who choose not to play the actual MMORPG part can still play the battle royale part.

The game however, will have a lot of transaction items including costumes, enhancements, and more in the PvE mode, so there will definitely be cash shop items to enhance the open world experience.


The game will launch with 6 classes (which are unfortunately gender locked) See the full article and video of all classes and their skills.

Templar is a magical melee character who uses a hammer to draw the holy power from within and a thick shield to withstand oncoming attacks.

Wizard is a magical ranged character who uses a spellbinding ring to unload powerful attacks.

Berserker is a physical melee character who wields a great axe and a cursed power to pulverize the enemy.

Archer is a physical ranged character who uses accurate shots and agile movements to toy with the enemy.

Assassin is a physical melee character who dives deep into enemy lines to unleash a sequence of attacks.

Scholar is a magical support class that can buff your team and debuff your enemies which also can fight with summons.

HOWEVER, in Battle Royale Mode, it doesn't matter what class you have. When you enter the battle royale arena, you choose a weapon and all the skills you can learn during the battlefield will be based on the weapon you chose. Therefore, choose whoever you want for PvE, because it won't affect your game during Battle Royale.

Other Game Modes

A3: Still Alive will also feature timed modes and event based modes such as a guild vs guild conquest mode, castle raids, world bosses, monster hunts and special guild events.

Global Pre-Registration

You can begin pre-registration for A3: Still Alive on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and get some goodies on launch.

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