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A3 Still Alive: Advanced Attribute Runes Guide For Your Character and Soul Linker

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A3 Still Alive Advanced Attribute Rune Soul Linker Guide


In this article, we're going to teach you how to optimise your character build in A3 Still Alive using the Attribute Rune system under the Soul Linker menu. You will want to pay attention to this article because optimising each component will play a big role in how strong your character will be for end game.

Attribute Runes

A3 Still Alive Advanced Attribute Rune Soul Linker Guide - Rune Types

Attribute Runes in A3 Still Alive are found in the Soul Linker menu and allows players to increase the stats of both their character and the active Soul Linker on the battlefield. Each type of Soul Linker (ATK, Support and DEF) gets to equip 5 different types of attribute runes that will come with 2 stats, one stat to enhance the character and another to enhance the equipped Soul Linker. These attribute runes can be levelled up by using duplicates of the same rune name (see below) - the same rune from a different type can be used for levelling.

Why Are Attribute Runes Complicated?

At first glance, the Attribute Rune system seems very simple, however there are quite a few things that many players don't know about it:

First, the 5 rune slots of each type are categorised in a star rating system and will only activate if you have a Soul Linker of that star rating or higher. (If you do not have a 7 star Soul Linker, then the 5th slot attribute rune will have no effect for you or the Soul Linker)

Second, there are no synergies at all between the 3 type of attribute runes. You and your Soul Linker will only get the attribute bonuses by the type of Soul Linker you have equipped as a companion (Active on the field). For example, if you have Europia who is a defence Soul Linker equipped, you and Europia will only get the stat bonuses from the DEF set from attribute runes and not the ATK and SUPPORT board.

A3 Still Alive Advanced Attribute Rune Soul Linker Guide - Active Attribute Requirements

Third, every Rune can roll different stats just like items and sometimes the stats are completely useless for you. For example an Aistu's Rune of Destruction can roll Physical or Magical attack on both the Character bonus and soul Linker bonus. If you and your Soul Linker are both magic attack based, and you insert an Aistu Rune that enhances physical attack - then that would be completely useless and a waste of a slot. (Since you can only equip 1 rune of the same type, you are essentially wasting a slot for a potential double magic attack rune)

Four, levelling runes can become very expensive. It costs one duplicate rune of any type (ATK, DEF, SUPP) from level 1 to 10. Then that will double and so on. Make sure you invest into the right rune (correct stats - see below) before investing too far since it'll be a huge waste.

How to Get Attribute Runes

You will get attribute runes through a variety of different events, achievements and quests. However, the easiest way to get them on a daily basis is exchanging for 5 of them using Hayren's Essence (Battle Royale Currency) in the Battle Royale Shop.

A3 Still Alive where to buy attribute runes - Battle Royale Store

Attribute Rune Types

There are 9 Attribute Runes and only one of each can be used for a Soul Linker type. For example, you cannot equip 2 Velipier's Rune of Protection for ATK, but you can equip one for ATK, DEF and Support simultaneously. These are the 9 Attribute Runes in A3 Still Alive and the stats they can roll for both your character and Soul Linker. (More stats to be added as they are discovered)

A3 Still Alive Soul Linker Attribute Runes - Tafilia

Anolus's Rune of Oblivion

HP Potion Recovery %

Exp Acquisition %

Skill Cooldown Reduction %

A3 Still Alive Soul Linker Attribute Runes - Seriga

Seriga's Rune of Concentration

Physical Accuracy

Magical Accuracy

A3 Still Alive Soul Linker Attribute Runes - Ithar

Ithar's Rune of Swiftness

Magical Crit Evasion

Magical EVA

Physical Crit Evasion

Physical EVA

A3 Still Alive Soul Linker Attribute Runes - Velipier

Velipier's Rune of Protection

Physical / Magical DEF


Max HP Increase

Magical / Physical CRIT. Damage Decrease

A3 Still Alive Soul Linker Attribute Runes - Aistu

Aistu's Rune of Destruction

Physical Attack

Magical Attack

A3 Still Alive Soul Linker Attribute Runes - Tafilia

Tafilia's Rune of Transcendence

Magical Crit. Damage Increase

Physical Crit. Damage Increase

Magical Crit. Success Rate

Physical Crit. Success Rate

A3 Still Alive Soul Linker Attribute Runes - Refthion

Refthion's Rune of Regeneration

Recover HP Upon Enemy Death

% HP Recovery Upon Successful Attack (Life Leech based on HP - Not atk)

A3 Still Alive Soul Linker Attribute Runes - Feridera

Feridera's Rune of Penetration

Magical Penetration

Physical Penetration

A3 Still Alive Soul Linker Attribute Runes - Epithian

Epithian's Rune of Greed

Magical Attack

Physical Attack

Max HP Increase

Magical Accuracy

Physical Accuracy

Physical DEF

Physical EVA

Magical DEF

Magical EVA

Best Runes For You and Your Soul Linker

Assuming you will eventually have a 7 Star Soul Linker which will allow you to access all 5 Attribute Rune Slots, let's look at the best 5 Attribute runes for you and your Soul Linker. You can obviously play around with these and it will vary quite a bit by the role you want to play and the role you want your Soul Linker to play. I highly suggest pulling for the right stats in your runes before levelling them.

For max damage output for you and your Soul Linker, use:

Aistu's Rune of Destruction - An obvious one. Get the proper attack type for your character class (Magic for Templar/Wizard and Physical for Archer/Assassin/Berserker). Same goes for your Soul Linker.

Tafilia's Rune of Transcendence - Here, go for CRIT. rate by the proper attack type for both you and your Soul Linker.

Epithian's Rune of Greed - A tough one to roll the perfect stats because of the number of options, but the ideal situation would be the correct attack type for you and the soul linker.

Feridera's Rune of Penetration - Get the corresponding damage penetration by your character and soul linker type.

Refthion's Rune of Regeneration - Roll the % HP recovery upon landing a hit on an enemy for both you and the Soul Linker, this is a great stat for sustainability, especially for fast attacking classes.


Hope you all enjoyed this guide on the Attribute system in A3 Still Alive. Remember, find the right runes with the right stats before investing too much into it, otherwise you may regret it down the road when you need to relevel them up. Good luck everyone!

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