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A3: Still Alive MMORPG All Class Skills Preview and Best Class to Pick

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For those of you eagerly awaiting for the A3: Still Alive global release on November 10, 2020 and you are already thinking about which class to play, this article is for you. I will talk about each class and explain how skills work in the game. Don't forget to watch the video in the section above to see a snippet of each skill from every class.

P.S. This article will cover only the MMORPG side of A3: Still Alive and not the Battle Royale side. To see the A3 Battle Royale Guide: View the A3 Battle Royale Guide

There are currently 6 classes in A3: Still Alive each wielding 18 unique and powerful skills, however, you can only pick 8 active skill at any given time. This means you will need to adjust your skill skit for different scenarios. Every class has a very strong skill set for damage, crowd control, defensive and buffs. This means, when picking a class, choose the playstyle you enjoy the most, because your power will come from all of the other stuff listed in the below section.

For viewing every skill from each character, see the video in the first section:

Berserker - Wields a two handed axe and has many close ranged AOE attacks and crowd control.

Templar - Wields a hammer and shield dealing massive AOE, has crowd control and defensive skills.

Ranger - Wields a bow and has alot of ranged attacks and piercing skills.

Assassin - Wields dual blades while dealing massive combos through various skills and has a great number of skills which makes the assassin untargetable.

Elementalist - Wields the power of all elements dealing various AOE and affect status/crowd control.

Scholar - Summons 4 different spirits to fight for her (this isn't a summoner but the spirits come out to cast other spells)

What Makes a Class Strong in A3: Still Alive

In A3There are so many things you can do to increase your power on the MMORPG side of A3: Still Alive. I will list a few things that makes a significant difference in your character's power:

  • Power / stats of the gear and weapon you use.

  • Enhancement/boosts of your gear and weapon.

  • Skill enhancements and passive enhancements. (These adds significant power to your skills so make sure to power up the 8 skills you will be using the most)

  • Power and enhancement of your Soul Linkers. (Soul Linkers are quite pay to win in my opinion but they are game changing to your power)

  • Pet power/enhancement.

Final Verdict and Best Class for A3: Still Alive

Based on the Korean server, many of the top players uses Templar due to the huge damage output and sustainability of the class. However like most games, the most of your power will come from enhancements so choose the play style of the class you enjoy the most. Make sure to watch the video to get a sense of what skills each class has.

If you want to watch my climb of the Korean Battle Royale ladder in A3: Still Alive, check out the videos here: My Road To Diamond Series.

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