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A3 Still Alive - ULTIMATE Apostle Guide to Get Stronger

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Welcome to the ultimate Apostle guide for A3 Still Alive where you will learn everything you need to know about Apostle Fragments including socket priorities, how to get fragments, what fragments to use, best combination methods and how to get stronger using Apostle for end game.

How does Apostle Work

The apostle system in A3 Still Alive is an end game (Once you hit max level of a certain update) talent system. Once you reach a server's maximum level, you will continue to gain experience points that will level up your Apostle. As your Apostle levels up, you will get points to unlock or upgrade sockets.

A3 Still Alive Best Apostle Guide

So far all you have done is unlock slots, now you will need the actual Apostle fragments to insert in order to get the passive stat bonuses. Apostle fragments can range from 1 to 4 stars (can be combined to upgrade), and each fragment will have a type (ATK, DEF, SUPP). There are a total of 10 slots available in the Apostle system. (3 ATK, 3 DEF, 3 SUPP and 1 socket for any type) Unlike the Attribute system, you can equip multiple duplicate Apostle Fragments.

How Level Up Apostle and Get Apostle Fragments

The first thing you will want to do is actually level up your Apostle so you can get Apostle points to unlock and upgrade sockets. So everyday make sure you do your region quests, daily dungeons and quests, AFK dungeon grinds, guild quests/events and more. See Full End Game Guide.

Now you will need to get the actual Apostle fragments which are used to insert into each socket, and you will get these from:

1. The Activity Chest when you get to 200 activity points everyday. You will receive 3 of these per day.

2. The level 100 Log in Reward when you have stayed up for more than 2 hours. You will get 1 of these per day.

A3 Still Alive How to Get More Apostle

Which Sockets to Prioritise and How to Progress

This strategy will help you get the most for the long-term end game but lose some stats during the progression stage because you're not focused on getting any non 4 star Apostle fragments. By using this, you will not waste even one resource because you're going for the end apostle fragments.:

1. The first thing you will want to do is unlock every socket to level 1. Now depending on your build (You're most likely playing a DPS or Semi-DPS role).

2. Upgrade your red sockets only until you get them all to level 4 in order to maximise your damage, including the middle slot which you will also use for a Red fragment. (During this time, you will want to combine all of your fragments until you get 4 star red ones only)

3. Now focus on getting all of your Blue sockets to level 4 so you can start embedding some higher grade defence fragments.

4. Now finally get your green sockets to level 4, as green fragments aren't as critical to your core stats. (You won't be levelling your green fragments until last anyways)

Combination Strategy for The Best Fragments

In order to get the best Apostle fragments in A3 Still Alive, you will most likely have to use the combination system to get your fragments to 4 star. However, you only get a limited amount of Apostle fragments per day, you will need to prioritise on which fragments to combine.

1. First I suggest you focus on getting the best red fragments only as it will net you huge damage for end game. You will need to get 4 of them, for the 3 red sockets and the 1 free socket in the middle.

2. Once you have equipped a 1 star fragment in all of your sockets, you will want to scale your red fragments only. This means getting your red fragments to 2 star then 3 and finally 4 star. During this time, you will be using all of your extra red, blue and green fragments for combination purposes only.

3. After you have maxed out your red fragments, now you can focus on maximising the blue fragments then finally green using the same strategy.

A3 Still Alive Combining Apostle Fragments

Which Apostle Fragments to Use

In the current game, the meta is to just build your character for max damage output regardless of class. Therefore, this Apostle setup will be for everyone:

Attack Apostle (RED) - Use 4 Fragment of Fury (Physical Attack) or Fragment of Mind (Magical Attack) depending on your class damage. OR you can do a mix of ATK and penetration by using Acuity/Pressure fragments.

Defence Apostle (Blue) - Use 3 Fragment of Defense or Fragment of Patience for physical or magic defence, depending on what your character needs more of.

Support Apostle (Green) - Use 3 Fragments of Ability for the extra CRIT chance.

A3 Still Alive Which Apostle Fragments to Use


I hope this guide has helped you on your quest to become the ultimate A3 Still Aliveplayer! Stay tuned for more guides and as always, for more information on the latest mobile games, A3 Still Alive content and guides, follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. See you soon!


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