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A3: Still Alive Battle Royale Beginner's Guide - Everything You Need to Know

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A3 Still Alive Battle Royale Best Guide


Welcome to the most EPIC A3: Still Alive Battle Royale Guide, I will show you everything you need to know about the game and what it takes to win. Just for some back story, A3: Still Alive is a 50% MMORPG by Netmarble based on the popular Korean A3 title. What makes A3: Still Alive unique is its Battle Royale mode which can be a whole game on its own, it even has a ladder/ranking system and as seen on the Korean server, it is quite competitive. In this guide I will be going over the following topics:

  1. How it Works

  2. Strategy and How to Win

  3. Modes

  4. Ranking / Ladder / Rewards

  5. Weapons / Class / Skills

  6. Items

  7. Conclusion

If you want to follow my journey to climb the Korean ladder in A3 Still Alive (Soon the Global/NA ladder) check out My Road To Diamond Series.

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How Battle Royale works in A3: Still Alive

Everyone enters Battle Royale matches at character level 1 and weapon enhancement 1. You will have nothing other than the weapon you've chosen. (Your power in the MMORPG/PVE world does not carry into Battle Royale) Like most Battle Royale games, the purpose is to be the last one standing. This can be achieved in many ways such as defeating everyone in your way or farming monsters to get stronger while hiding in the shadows until everyone kills each other. You can enter Battle Royale solo or match in the teams of 3 mode, choose your weapon and begin the match. I will talk more about the details in the below sections.

In A3 Still Alive, the Battle Royale mode is open most of the day and will not be available during the hours where most people are asleep in your server region. (This is to avoid long wait times so don't expect to get into any games during 4 am in the morning) During these times, you can play the MMORPG side of A3 Still Alive or just go to sleep like a normal person.

Strategy on How to Win and Climb the Ladder

A3 Still Alive Battle Royale Victory Guide

There are quite a few different things to look out for when you play the Battle Royale mode in A3: Still Alive including when to farm or fight and what items to get. Ultimately this will depend a lot on the weapon you've chosen as some will have an early game advantage where as others shine in late game. Here's a general strategy and lookout guide to win your matches:

Familiarise yourself with all the different weapons and their skills, then choose one that best fits your play style. (See this section for different weapon guides)

Early Game

  1. Prioritise your first skill as an AOE skill or high DPS skill to help you farm monsters quicker.

  2. Focus on farming and levelling while avoiding fights.

  3. Look on the map for elite bosses and chest, then go there! If you see red dots on your map near elite bosses that means other players are attacking it.

  4. Use your roll to move around quicker to farm.

  5. Don't worry too much about collecting the crystals monsters drop if they are too out of your way, as you will get much more and larger weapon exp crystals in later stages.

  6. Use the foot step symbol to your advantage (it will only show if they are attacking or moving and nearby)

Mid Game

  1. Always head for the next stage as soon as possible (when the countdown meter gets to the middle) - Here you will find a lot more monsters that drops more exp and items.

  2. Find large groups of mobs and use your AOE on them, make sure to collect the crystals they drop as that's what will level up your weapon.

  3. Capture vision points if possible as they will heal you and give you much greater vision of the surrounding area. (Makes it very difficult to fight you in that area) Be careful though, enemies can capture the point pretty easily just by walking up, so attack them hard when they do that!

  4. If you see a good opening when other players are fighting each other, drop your entire combo on the higher level player to take them out.

A3 still Alive Battle Royale Heal Beacons Inith Torch

Late Game

  1. Always pay attention to the door countdown, because if you miss it then you are dead, period.

  2. Keep a potion or revival item on you because you never know what could happen.

  3. Look at your enemy's levels, if they are higher, don't fight and go farm some more.

  4. THERE ARE NO MONSTERS IN THE LAST STAGE, so do not enter there unless you are maxed out.

  5. Always be moving because it's hard for enemies to land their attacks that way.

  6. Look for chests and elite monsters in later stages to get purple gear (see below on what they do)

  7. Choose your battle wisely because end game people can do a lot of damage, so play wisely and let other people fight it out if possible. (Sometimes if you're in the last stage, you can hide in a corner and people won't notice you as long as you don't move)

  8. During fights, always burst them down and get out as skill cooldowns are fairly long for most weapon classes.

If you're playing teams, make sure to stick together to get the soul link buff and share exp. Or if you're very confident, you guys can split up initially to farm quicker with a faster level up then re-group for the fights.

A3 Still Alive Battle Royale Team Link

Ranking / Ladder / Rewards

The more matches you play A3 Still Alive Battle Royale mode and place in the top ranks, the more points you will receive. You start off at 1000 points which is the lowest of the low in bronze. Keep in mind, the higher you climb in tiers, the more difficult your opponents will be. On top of receiving ranking points, you also receive battle points which you can use to exchange for many different items and gear to enhance your character in the MMORPG world.

The ranking are as follows:

Challenger - 2501P+

Diamond 1 - 2401P-2500P

Diamond 2 - 2301P-2400P

Diamond 3 - 2201P-2300P

Platinum 1 - 2101P-2200P

Platinum 2 - 2001P-2100P

Platinum 3 - 1901P-2000P

Gold 1 - 1801P-1900P

Gold 2 - 1701P-1800P

Gold 3 - 1601P-1700P

Silver 1 - 1501P-1600P

Silver 2 - 1401P-1500P

Silver 3 - 1301P-1400P

Bronze 1 - 1201P-1300P

Bronze 2 - 1101P-1200P

Bronze 3 - 1000P-1100P

Weapons / Class

A3 Still Alive Battle Royale Beginner's Guide Weapons and classes

There are currently 14 different weapons/classes in Korea you can choose from and only 11 in Global, each with their unique set of 7 skills (of which you can choose 4 per match). Each weapon has a different play style and some are stronger early game while others shine during the later game of a match.

In the team mode (3 players per team), you cannot have multiple of the same weapon, so try to pick classes that compliments each other. Also, 8 of the 14 weapons will be locked and you will unlock them by completing certain achievements in the battle royale mode OR the game also gives you an option to unlock them by playing through the MMORPG side of the game if you're having a hard time reaching those achievements in battle royale.

Picking and prioritising skills for each weapon class is extremely important and will ultimately result in a win or loss depending on your skill combination. I will make guides on different builds for each weapon class and what is the best strategy to achieve victory:

View Individual Weapon Guides and Skills

Offensive Light Hammer Guide

Typhoon Bow

Two Handed Axe

Ice Spear

Steel Fortress (Doors)

Earth Gauntlet

Dark Scythe


A3 Still Alive Battle Royale All Item List


  • Green gloves gives you increased vision.

  • Grey gloves gives either 10% crit damage, 10% extra damage or 5% crit rate.

  • Yellow gloves gives either 20% crit damage, 20% extra damage, 15% crit rate, or reduced cooldown on all skills.

  • Red Gloves gives reduced damage from enemies or 20% crit damage and 20% damage.


  • Grey Shoes gives 5% dodge rate or 10% defence

  • Green Shoes gives 10% dodge rate or 15% defence

  • Yellow Shoes gives 15% dodge rate or 20% defence

  • Blue Shoes 1 gives 20% defence, 15% dodge and 10% movement speed.

  • Blue Shoes 2 gives 50% increased movement speed for 3 minutes, then no more bonus.

  • Blue Shoes 3 gives increased visibility and 20% defence.

  • Blue Shoes 4 5 second dodges.


  • Grey Belt: 30% damage reduction, breaks after taking 3 hits.

  • Green Belt: 50% damage reduction or reduces all damage to 50, breaks after taking 3 hits.

  • Green Belt 2: 30% increase in experience, breaks after 20 attacks.

  • Yellow Belt: Increases max HP, breaks after taking 3 hits.

  • Yellow Belt 2: Item drop rate increased by 30%, breaks after 20 attacks.

  • Purple Belt 1: Blocks all CC, breaks after 20 attacks.

  • Purple Belt 2: Revives you upon death, breaks after 1 death.

  • Purple Belt 3: Increases exp gained by 200%, breaks after 20 attacks.


A3 Still Alive Battle Royale All Item Consumable List

As for consumables, take things that you will need. Just because one item is rare does not mean it will be useful for you. For example, always take Character Level Boost and Weapon Level Boost stars and use them right away to level up. However, if you get a Skill Reset Elixir and you already have the skills you want, using it will only be harmful for you. There is one god item IMO which is the Elixir of Clarity (Refreshes cooldown) - if you have a high burst class with long cooldowns, this item could make you very deadly especially for the last sector. Other than that, I suggest you get a potion on you or Healing Totem just in-case if any sticky situations come up.


I hope this guide will help you on your journey to the top of the ladder in A3: Still Alive's Battle Royale. Remember to check back in the Weapons/Class section as I will be creating different builds for each weapon class. If you want to see my climb the Korean ladder in A3: Still Alive's Battle Royale, check out My Road To Diamond Series.

For more information on the latest mobile games and guides, follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. See you soon!

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