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A3 Still Alive: Battle Royale Best Ice Spear Weapon Guide

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Welcome to the best Ice Spear weapon guide for A3: Still Alive Battle Royale. In this guide, I will show you how to build and play the Ice Spear class to do huge AOE burst damage and win your matches. Included in this build guide, I will go over the skill priorities, skill rotations, strategy and items to get.

Pros of this Build

  • You get access to a lot of CC and AOE Damage.

  • Huge burst damage to instakill other players.

Cons of this Build

  • Lacks mobility to escape sticky situations.

  • Long cooldowns which means you should burst enemies down and run away.

All Available Skills for the Ice Spear Weapon

Ice Spear Hell (35 second CD)

Deals an front line AOE which attacks enemies with a large number of ice spears.

Levelling this skill increases the attack damage.

Ice Thorn Eruption (15 second CD)

Spews thorns of ice in a circle around you dealing AOE damage and pushing enemies back.

Levelling this skill increases the attack damage.

Guardian of Ice (42 second CD)

Protects yourself by reducing damage taken with the energy of ice and restores your health over time.

Levelling this skill increases further reduces damage, prolongs the duration of Guardian of Ice and increases health restored.

Ice Spear Charge (19 second CD)

Dashes to your enemy with your spear and stuns them.

Levelling this skill increases damage dealt and stun duration.

Ice Pick (20 second CD)

Deals AOE damage in front of you and pierces through enemies. Enemies hit are bound and silenced for a short duration.

Levelling this skill increases damage dealt and prolongs silence and bound duration.

Ice Crystal Trap (25 second CD)

Creates an ice trap on the ground, enemies will set it off if they come close. The trap takes 1 second to detonate causing huge AOE damage and stun.

Levelling this skill increases damage dealt and stun duration.

Freezing Arena (37 second CD)

Creates a large area of ice around you that does mini explosion dealing aoe damage over time to enemies and slows their movement.

Levelling this skill increases damage dealt and further reduces movement speed while prolonging the area duration.

Skill Pick Priority:

  1. Freezing Area

  2. Ice Crystal Trap

  3. Ice Pick

  4. Ice Spear Charge

  5. If you can't get the above 4, take Guardian of Ice to get yourself out of tough spots.

Strategy with the Ice Spear

Early Game - You want to just farm as much as possible using your auto attack. Save your skills for people coming after you because they will since Ice Spear is fairly weak early game. Get to elite monsters and chests if you can, otherwise get into tier 2 as soon as it opens up.

Mid Game and Late game - Once you're in tier 2 of the map, you start to shine a bit because you have your 4 skills which you can now do a full combo to burst people down. Try to find mobs that are grouped together so you can drop AOE on them for some quick farming. Be aggressive with players if you have your cooldowns refreshed, otherwise, stay far away from any fights since you are vulnerable due to your long cooldowns. One really good trick is be sneaky and wait until you see 2 or more players fighting, roll in and drop your combo on them and you may get multikills.

Skill Rotation vs. Players

Begin each fight by dropping Ice Crystal Trap then immediately use Ice Spear Charge to stun them so they can't escape the trap. Follow up with Freezing Area to do huge AOE damage to them. Once you've used all 3 skills, use Ice Pick to bind the enemy and silence them so they can't attack you, this is your chance to run away and wait for your cooldowns to refresh.


Refer to this guide for the different items available in A3: Still Alive's Battle Royale mode.

Gloves: Go for the yellow cooldown reduction gloves and ultimately switch to the Red gloves that gives crit and damage if you can find one.

Shoes: Go for boots that gives movement speed which is very important for the Ice Spear class.

Belt: Take belts that gives EXP bonuses while farming, but grab a damage reduction belt for the last stage to fight players.

Consumables: During the farming stage, I suggest holding potions for any unfortunate events, however you will want damage or defence boosting buffs for the final battle.


I hope this guide has helped you on your journey to the top rank as a Ice Spear player in the A3: Still Alive Battle Royale mode. Check out some gameplay of my ladder climbing Journey to Diamond on the Korean server in the Battle Royale mode on A3: Still Alive. A3 Still Alive Battle Royale Ladder Gameplay.

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See: The everything you need to know about A3: Still Alive Battle Royale Guide

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