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A3 Still Alive: Battle Royale Best Steel Fortress Guide - Smashing Doors Gameplay

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Welcome to the Steel Fortress Weapon guide for A3 Still Alive Battle Royale where you can slam two doors together and win games with ease. In this guide you will learn the best strategies to take down your enemies with these two doors, which skills to pick, what are the best items to choose and skill rotations during battle. Hope you enjoy!

Pros of this Build

  • Very high sustainability (can completely reverse all damage dealt to you)

  • Huge burst that could one shot enemies.

  • It's difficult for opponents to fight against you because of the reflective damage and heal skills.

  • 30% damage reduction from the front.

Cons of this Build

  • Very squishy early game.

  • Low auto attack damage.

  • Does not have any decent long range attacks.

All Available Skills for the Steel Fortress Weapon

Castle Gate

A short ranged attack that summons a small gate to block your enemy.

Endure Pain

Possibly one of the most broken skills in the game. Endure Pain recovers all damage taken after 5 seconds of casting - time it well and you will never die.


A small AOE skill that makes enemies lose control and attack you while boosting your defence.

Thorny Leap

An AOE gap closer that deals huge damage and slows all enemy movement speed.

Colliding Echo

The strongest DPS skill for Steel Fortress. The skill will deal damage to the enemy on cast and if you land the door close on the enemy, it will stun them and deal extra damage.

0x Charge

A channelled charge skill for 2 seconds where you need to aim the direction you are going. The goal of this skill is to keep it on your enemy so it does constant damage to them for 2 seconds while in charge. You can also use this skill for escaping.

Thorn Counter

Another super broken skill which lets you do AOE damage based on all the damage you've taken in the last 5 seconds after casting. This skill lets you one shot anyone if played right.

Skill Pick Priority:

  1. Endure Pain

  2. Thorn Counter

  3. Colliding Echo

  4. Thorny Leap

  5. Taunt

Strategy with the Steel Fortress Weapon in A3 Still Alive Battle Royale

Early Game - As always, you will want to just farm as much as possible using your auto attack. If you can find mobs in groups, you can clear them fairly quickly since your auto attack has a large AOE coverage. Try to grab Endure Pain early as you are quite squishy and if people start being aggressive with you, just cast it and run away - then you'll be back at full hp.

Mid Game - Once you hit level 3 weapon enhancement, this is where you will truly shine as your clear speed is extremely quick. Now is also a good time to start baiting people to attack you if you have Thorn Counter. Use Thorn Counter with Endure Pain together to crush people while staying at full hp, so keep levelling up these 2 skill whenever you can.

Late game - Keep in mind, Steel Fortress isn't the strongest in 1v1 due to the lack of auto attack damage. You will want to find good opportunities where enemies are fighting each other then jump in and use Thorn Counter to reflect the damage taken. Also, don't use Endure Pain and Thorn Counter until the enemy starts attacking you. So go very aggressive on the enemy and as soon as they start attacking you, pop Thorn Counter and Endure Pain and stick on them.

Skill Rotation vs. Players

Begin each fight by auto attacking and using Thorny Leap or Colliding Echo if the enemy starts to run away. Once the enemy starts attacking you, activate Thorn Counter and Endure Pain and chase them down with your auto attack. When your Thorn Counter is about to do damage, use Thorny Leap to close the gap if the enemy gets too far away.


Refer to this guide for the different items available in A3: Still Alive's Battle Royale mode.

Gloves: If you can find a pair of Legendary gloves, definitely get that. Otherwise go for the yellow gloves that gives cooldown to constantly spam Endure Pain and Thorn Counter.

Shoes: Go for any boots here, it does not matter too much.

Belt: Take belts that gives EXP bonuses while farming, but grab a HP belt for the last fight since it increases the amount of damage you can take which also increases the damage Thorn Counter does.

Consumables: During the farming stage, I suggest holding potions just in case. For the end game, get damage boosters and AOE stuns to keep enemies in place.


I hope this guide has helped you on your journey to the top rank as a Steel Fortress player in the A3: Still Alive Battle Royale mode. For more information on the latest A3 Still Alive guides and mobile gaming news, follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. See you soon!

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See: The everything you need to know about A3: Still Alive Battle Royale Guide

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