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A3 Still Alive Battle Royale Weapon Tier List - Best Weapon Classes in Battle Royale


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Hello and welcome to the Battle Royale weapon class tier list for A3 Still Alive. Like most tier lists, this one will be subjective and I will be basing the rankings of each weapon based on the combination of the following factors (Although I sincerely believe every weapon class can be extremely powerful with the right player behind it):

  • Damage potential

  • Dependency on getting the right skills

  • Sustainability and survival

  • Easy to farm and level up

  • Chase and Escape potential

  • Mastery requirement

Make sure to keep reading past the Tier List to see each weapon class's pros and cons. This tier list shows what I think are some of the best weapons in A3 Still Alive Battle Royale.

Tier List

Hammer of Light - A Tier


  • Almost every skill is useful and can be played in a variety of ways.

  • A taunt and pull CC makes it very hard to get away from and difficult to fight against.

  • Two healing skills, one of them being very powerful that can overheal any damage taken.

  • A lot of AOE damage potential.


  • Lack of mobility skills.

  • Long skill cooldowns.

Two Handed Axe of Red Flame - A Tier


  • Every skill is useful which gives players some flexibility in their build.

  • Has huge burst potential with Berserk buff.

  • Blazing Barrier gives this weapon class damage reduction, cc removal and reduces enemy defence. Need I say more?


  • Doesn't have any heal.

  • Fairly weak without buffs and Berserker is on a 20 second cooldown while Blazing Barrier is on a 40 second cooldown.

Freezing Spear - A Tier


  • Has access to a lot of skills with stuns and other crowd control.

  • Has some sustainability with Icy Protection which gives you damage reduction and recovers HP.

  • Huge burst damage potential to take enemies from 100 to 0 in one skill rotation.

  • Almost all skills can be used.


  • Has no mobility skills to engage or disengage combat.

  • Most of the powerful skills have very long cooldowns.

  • Very average speed at clearing mobs and farming.

Typhoon Bow - S Tier


  • Extremely fast mob clearing and farming potential.

  • Has two summons that can pull enemies towards them.

  • Huge damage, defence and movement speed buff from Wind of Vitality - combined with the base fast attack speed, makes Typhoon Bow one of highest sustainable damage weapon classes.

  • Can self heal.

  • With Wind of Vitality, Typhoon Bow does not need any other skills other than the basic attack.


  • The skills you get are very important especially Wind of Vitality. Without it, Typhoon Bow will miss out on a lot of damage.

  • Has one of the most useless skills in the game, 'Triple Shot'.

Dark Scythe - S Tier


  • Has one of the biggest burst potential in the game with Dark Power ATK buff and Hide Crit. buff. Any skill used after that will drop your enemies.

  • Has low cooldown AOE skills.

  • Has a low cooldown AOE skill that heals you based on the damage dealt.

  • Two invisibility skills.


  • Two of the five available skills doesn't fit well into an optimal build.

Lightning Staff - B Tier


  • Has a lot of stun skills.

  • Huge AOE DPS and burst potential to take down multiple enemies at once.


  • It's fairly easy for the attacks to be dodged.

  • Most of the good skills have extremely high cooldowns.

  • Fairly slow clearing speed due to lack of mobility.

  • No self heal skills.

Misty Dual-Bladed Sword - A Tier


  • Has a great toolkit to outplay enemies with vision reduction debuffs and stuns.

  • Focused Mind instantly refreshes all cooldowns and heals you.

  • Very fast clearing and farming speed due to the fast attacks and mobility buffs.


  • Very a very high skill requirement to play at full potential.

  • Has a fairly low burst potential.

  • Only has 1 skill with fairly short cooldowns.

Tsunami Cannon


  • Low cooldowns on most skills.

  • Good damage if you can keep an enemy still.

  • Very unique weapon class and fun to play.


  • Very low mobility.

  • Basic attack looks cool but very easily evaded by the enemy.

  • Slow clearing speeds due to the its basic attack mechanic.

  • Easy for enemies to dodge attacks.

Earth Gauntlet - A Tier


  • Huge AOE burst damage potential to clear out multiple enemies at once.

  • Heavy Impact creates a massive AOE trap that decreases enemy defence while doing continuous damage to enemies inside it.

  • Basic attacks allows the player to move in the attack direction, this can be used for fast clearing or as an escape.

  • Has a AOE damage skill that heals for the damage dealt.


  • Very skill dependent on three skills for it to reach full potential. Loses a lot of fire power if you don't get the skills you need.

  • The moving basic attack can work against you if you don't know what you're doing.

  • Very long cooldowns on your skill combo, leaving you defenceless when they're on cooldown.

Steel Fortress


  • Has a fast and useful AOE arc basic attack for clearing mobs and taking down opponents.

  • Has a very broken heal and counter damage skill. One heals all damage taken over the last 5 seconds and the other deals AOE damage based on all the damage taken over the last 5 seconds.

  • Has a taunt skill that boosts defence while taunting the enemy.


  • Long cooldowns on most of the useful skills.

  • Lacks mobility skills.

  • Has a high skill requirement to play effectively with Thorn Counter and Endure Pain.

Melodious Harp


  • Has an AOE attack that hits in a radius and requires no aiming.

  • Has a multiple heals and team buffs.

  • Access to multiple stun skills.


  • Lacks high damage skills to take down enemies.

  • A lot of skills has a long casting animation which means you will just sit idle.

  • Slow clearing speeds due to a lack of useful damage skills.

  • More of a support class for team Battle Royale.


Hope you all enjoyed this tier list! I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below or on the YouTube video. Please support our growing YouTube channel and the website for me to make more guides and provide the latest gameplay news on mobile gaming.

For more information on the latest mobile games and guides, follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. See you soon!


A3 Still Alive: Heroic Soul Linker Tier List

A3 Still Alive: Ultimate Battle Royale Guide

A3 Still Alive Ultimate End Game Guide

A3 Still Alive Advanced PvE Damage Guide

ALL A3: Still Alive GUIDES

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