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A3 Still Alive: The Best End Game Progression Guide - Everything You Need to Know

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Welcome to the best end game progression guide for A3 Still Alive! This guide is currently made for the level 100 Cap on the global version of the game. (Will be updated as new content gets released) This guide is made for every player, both F2P and P2W (however, I am not including any of the paid items in this guide). You can get very far as a Free to play player in A3 Still Alive without spending a penny.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about getting stronger including:

1. The Quickest Way to Reach End Game (level 100)

2. What End Game Looks Like

3. Best Ways to Farm End Game Gear and Accessories

4. How to Get Better Soul Linkers and Enhance Them

5. Daily Activities You Should Do Each Day after Level 100

6. Items You Should Consistently Buy and Exchange from the Shop

7. Enhancements You Should Do Whenever Possible

ALSO I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW that although you can pay to get better gear/get better Soul Linkers in this game, EVERYTHING can be obtained by grinding for free. Free to play players will eventually catch up is my point.


Templar PvE and PvP End Game Build

Wizard PvE and PvP End Game Build

Assassin PvE and PvP End Game Build

Berserker PvE and PvP End Game Build

Fastest Way to Reach Level 100 (End Game)

A3 Still Alive End Game Guide Fast Level Quest

The first thing I recommend you doing is rush levels to 100 before investing into gear and Soul Linkers. (If you already have Heroic/Legendary Soul Linkers, then go ahead and enhancing them) If you do get stuck somewhere, invest a bit into enhancing your gear and Soul Linker just to squeeze past it. So these are the things to prioritise when levelling in A3 Still Alive:

  1. Do the main quest whenever possible. (If you get stuck on a boss in the main quest, remember to use the right Soul Linker against its weakness and use roll to dodge the circle AOE attacks and walk to dodge the line AOE attacks)

  2. Join parties of people in the same areas as you so you clear quests quicker and get the bonus exp.

  3. Everyday, go to your Guild hall and click guild inheritance twice to get free exp.

  4. Do your region quests (you can do region quests up to 10 times a day, or up to 30 times a day if you use 2 region quest reset scrolls) - You will get access to a repeatable region quest in Skad for 5 million exp around level 80-90 which will give you 150 million exp everyday if you have the reset scrolls for it. Also, if you have auto-complete scrolls, use these for fast clearing.

  5. Do the Dark Lighthouse (endless tower) as it will start to yield 5-6 million exp per floor.

  6. Do your daily quests and dungeons (See Daily Activity Section below)

  7. Do Surprise Quests whenever available.

  8. Leave your game on auto whenever possible. When you go to sleep, leave your character on auto in the Equipment dungeon of each map.

**By following these steps, it shouldn't take you more than 3-4 days to get to level 100.

What End Game in A3: Still Alive Looks like

In A3 Still Alive, the main purpose is to get stronger and beat other players in PvP or play Battle Royale. These are the activities you will do on a day to day basis:

  • Grind and farm for ancient star gear and ancient/heroic accessories.

  • Enhance gear and accessories.

  • Enhance your character using different upgrade channels.

  • Enhance your character's Apostle level (gain exp).

  • Farming and upgrading rare Soul Linkers into Heroic and then Legendary.

  • Enhance your Soul Linkers.

  • Kill people in PvP events, Kill people in the Open World, Kill people in Battle Royale.

**You will want to farm for Ancient Star gears with 5 sub stats and 3 open sockets for magic stones.

**You will want 2 sets of Ancient Accessories, one for PvP and one for PvE. Go for accessories with a lot of 4 sub stats.

Best Way to Farm End Game Gear and Accessories in A3 Still Alive

The best kind of weapon and gear in A3 Still Alive is a level 100 Ancient Star (Ancient with a purple background) with 4 sub stats and 3 sockets. While the best accessories in the game is a 3 socket Legendary accessory with 4 sub stats.

A3 Still Alive End Game Guide Farming Gear

There are two kinds of gear in this game, regular gear (including weapon) and accessories. The highest grade for regular gear is Level 100 Ancient Star and the highest grade for accessories is Ancient. For accessories, you will want to farm 2 sets since there are ones for PvE and ones for PvP.

To farm for Ancient Star Gear and Heroic Accessories:

1. Go to the Equipment Dungeon in Skad (The Buried City of Sodom B3) or Verdeon (Refuge of the Dead B1) and put yourself on Auto. Team up for this if you can, because not only will it go much faster, but it may protect you from getting PK'd. The Monsters can drop level 100 Ancient Star equipment here and Heroic accessories which is the best you can get without pulling Gacha.

2. The monsters will also drop Ancient Star Equipment Fragments which you can exchange for level 100 Ancient Star Weapons and Gear.

3. Salvage gear and accessories you don't need at the NPC for Mana Stones and Ether. Or sell the gear for gold if you need gold.

4. Go to the Guild Hall and click Craft Weapons and Craft Armor, use your Mana Stones to pull for Ancient Star grade weapons and gear.

5. Now go to the Shop Menu and click Summon. Select Accessories and use Ether to pull for Ancient Accessories. (If you have bad luck with RNG - you can save Ether to upgrade Heroic accessories into Ancient accessories - it costs about 10K ether to do this)

To farm for Legendary Accessories:

1. Farm Heroic accessories from equipment dungeons or quests.

2. Combine Heroic accessories with accessory materials to upgrade into Ancient accessories.

3. Then combine Ancient accessories with materials into Legendary accessories.

How to Get Better Soul Linkers and Enhance Them

A3 Still Alive End Game Guide Soul Linkers

The best free to play way of getting Soul Linkers is by farming soul stars, turn the rare Soul Linkers into Heroics and ultimately into Legendaries. I won't get into Soul Linkers too much in this guide because you can see this guide for more details: full detailed guide on everything you need to know about Soul Linkers.

The best ways to farm for Soul Stars in A3 Still Alive are:

1. Region Quests - Look for ones that gives rare Soulstars. The Dark Cactus and Refuge of the Dead are repeatable region quests which gives 10 Skad Soulstars everytime you complete it.

2. Complete Monster Codex regions to get rares and heroic soulstars.

3. Do World Boss 3 times a day and go to every channel to defeat it.

4. Do your Dark Invasion and Dark Presence dailies.

Farm Soul Linker Enhancements:

The best way to farm Soul Linker enhancements in A3 is to do your daily dungeons and your Battle Royale to exchange tokens in the BR shop for Soul Linker Gear chests, Attribute Rune chests, Topaz chests and passive stone chests.

View the Advanced Attribute Guide

Daily Activities You Should Do after Level 100

A3 Still Alive End Game Guide Daily Tasks

Remember, everyday you have a certain amount of activities/dungeons you can do to get bonus items. If you don't do these, you will be behind other players. Make sure to do this before 9 PM PST (Server Reset Time) so you can get the most out of the game for free.

Daily Tasks

  1. Complete 10 Regional Quests to boost Apostle level (Only do the 5M+ Exp ones that gives Soul Stars) - This can be reset twice a day for a total of 30 completions.

  2. Play at least 5 Battle Royale games everyday to get your daily rewards.

  3. Do your guild check ins, inheritance and donations.

  4. Get your guild inheritance in Guild to boost Apostle level.

Daily Normal Adventures

  1. Do 2 Shiland Mine - solo dungeon which can be auto'd.

  2. Do 2 Raids on Nightmare- party dungeon.

  3. Do 2 Rift Altars on Hell - another party dungeon.

  4. Do 5 Black Crystal quests with other players, make sure you activate at least one. You can buy more activation stones from Daily Shop>Daily Puchase>Character for gold.

  5. Whenever you get a boost in power, try to climb Dark Lighthouse

Daily Special Adventures:

  1. Do the 95 World Boss 3 times everyday and make sure to switch channels to get all kills.

  2. Do 1 Dark Invasion each day.

  3. Do 1 Dark Presence each day.

  4. Do Conquest with your guild at 9PM EST every Saturday. (Not a daily but weekly)

  5. Do Forte's Seal with your guild, this will depend on when everyone is most available.

Items You Should Consistently Buy and Exchange For

A3 Still Alive End Game Guide Shop

When you're getting to the point where you have more gold and other currency than you know what to do with, these are some priority items you should be buying on a daily basis:

  • Go to the A3 Shop, then click Common, buy 10X large HP potions. While you're here, buy as many Vigor potions to keep your Soul Linkers full.

  • Go to the A3 Shop again, then click Battle Royale, try to completely buy everything here with Hayrens' Essence (currency earned from playing Battle Royale) everyday as all the items are very valuable and difficult to get as a free to play player.

  • Go to the Daily Shop, click Daily Purchase, then click Character and buy the skill enhancements for gold. While you're here, you can also buy the monster cards if you need them.

  • Go to the Daily Shop, Click Daily Purchase, then click Equipment and buy the weapon/armor enhancement stones, accessory enhancement stones and Common Magic Stone Chest for gold.

  • Once your gear is at a point where it can't get much better, stop using your Mana Stones on crafting instead go to the Guild Merchant to buy gear enhancements.

  • Use Bound/blue diamonds on special promotions the game will give you from time to time and summon Soul Linkers (500 blue/bound diamonds for 11) - up to a rare 5 star.

Enhancements You Should Do Whenever Possible

A3 Still Alive End Game Guide Gear Enhancements

Beyond getting the best gear/weapon and Soul Linkers, there are a few other things you can do to enhance your power. The following are things you should constantly be looking to improve:

  • Skills: Click Growth then Skills, upgrade both active and passive skills.

  • Gear/Accessory Enhancement: Click Growth, Forge, enhance your gear and accessories (evolve enhancement stones for higher grade enhancements)

  • Accessory Upgrades: Click Growth, Forge, Upgrade accessories and use a base Heroic/Ancient and 4 Heroic/Ancient as material.

  • Magic Stones: Click Growth, Forge, Equip Magic Stones (Evolve them first in the evolve tab to get the highest grade of the magic stone color)

  • Sanctuary Passive Stats: Click Growth then Sanctuary.

  • Apostle Passive Stats: Click Growth then Apostle. SEE FULL APOSTLE GUIDE.

  • Monster Codex Passive Stats: Click Activity then Monster Codex and register monster cards to gain bonus passives.

  • Cape Passive Stats: Click Appearance, Capes then upgrade capes with cloths. (You can get cloths from guild merchant, guild auctions and guild events)


I hope this guide has helped you on your quest to become the ultimate A3 player! Stay tuned for more guides and as always, for more information on the latest mobile games, A3 Still Alive content and guides, follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. See you soon!


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