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A3 Still Alive - Best Soul Linker Guide For End Game

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A3 Still Alive Soul Linker Guide


Hello and welcome to the best A3 Still Alive Soul Linker guide! This article will cover everything you need to know about Soul Linkers in A3 including how to choose them, how to upgrade, how to use them and more. See the sections below:

  1. What are Soul Linkers and How to Best Use Them?

  2. Types of Soul Linkers.

  3. Grades and Rarity of Soul Linkers.

  4. Upgrading Soul Linkers and How to Get Heroic Soul Linkers for Free

  5. Which Soul Linkers Should you Choose?

  6. How to get Soul Linkers

  7. Different Ways to Enhancing Soul Linkers

Here is a video to this Soul Linker guide:

1. What are Soul Linkers and How to Best Use Them?

Before choosing which Soul Linkers to use, you will want to understand exactly what they are. Soul Linkers are extremely important in A3 Still Alive as they serve as companion in your party that can do high damage, cast skills, has its own life bar and the ability to draw enemy focus. Every player will be able to equip 3 Soul Linkers but can only have one active on the battle field at any given time. You will be able to swap between the Soul Linkers in your party at any given time (with a slight cooldown) based on the situation and monster you are fighting. Make sure to cast the Soul Linker skills during combat as it will have significant impact!

1A. Skills

Each Soul Linker has a two types of skills, common skill (a skill naturally used by the Soul Linker) and an Ultimate skill that can only be activated by the player.

A3 Still Alive Soul Linker Guide Passive Skills

Common Skill - is a skill that Soul Linkers will naturally use during combat. The skill is randomly drawn from 5 options for each Soul Linker - each with their own unique traits and cooldown. If you didn't receive one you like, click on the skill itself in the Soul Linker menu, then click change and pay the 50 bound diamonds to swap.

Ultimate Skill - which is a skill only the player can cast. They are generally quite powerful and has a big impact during each battle. You can level up this skill by spending Topaz and Gold.

1B. Personalities / Artificial Intelligence

Each Soul Linker will have something called a Learning Effect which are basically personalities or AI habits. They will obtain personalities as you fight more in combat and they will develop habits such as focusing on enemies that is dealing the most damage.

A3 Still Alive Soul Linker Guide Learning Effect

1C. Soul Linker's Stamina and HP

Soul Linkers can die in combat, which can be revived for free at a fraction of their HP or you can pay some gold (depending on level) to revive them at full hp. Soul Linkers are also on a Vigor (Stamina) system so the more they fight, the more their Vigor will deplete. Once vigor is completed depleted, they won't be able to cast skills. You can easily replenish their Vigor by using Vigor potions which you can buy from the Daily Common shop for very little gold.

2. Types of Soul Linkers

There are three types of Soul Linkers:

  • ATK - All offensive attacks/skills and offensive buffs.

  • DEF - Has a combination of defensive/offensive buffs, and attempts to protect allies and draw enemy aggro.

  • SUPPORT - Has a combination of skills to help boost allies offensively and defensively while dealing debuffs and other damage skills on the enemy.

A3 Still Alive Soul Linker Guide Attribute Types

Each Monster and bosses will have a weakness to one of the Soul Linker types, so choose the right Soul Linker in combat if you are having a hard time vs a boss. This is why it is important to have one of each Soul Linker type in your party, also it helps you prioritise when your investment goes.

Placement Effect - Stats for your Main Character

Every Soul Linker will give your character bonus passive stats. Depending on rarity and grade of a Soul Linker, you will get more of each attribute:

  • ATK Soul Linkers increases physical and magical attack.

  • DEF Soul Linkers increases physical and Magic Def.

  • Support Soul Linkers increases Max HP.

3. Grades and Rarity of Soul Linkers in A3 Still Alive

A3 Still Alive Soul Linker Guide Rarities and Grades

Soul Linkers currently have 4 tiers with their own star rating. The higher the tier and the star, the stronger the soul linker:

  • Common

  • Rare (3-5 stars)

  • Heroic (5-7 stars)

  • Legendary (7 stars only)

Obviously legendary Soul Linkers are the best in the game, however free to play players will not have much chance of getting these, even casual paying players may never get a legendary because of how rare they are. Players can get through the game no problem with Heroic Soul Linkers. With that said, free to play players can can grind up to level 7 Heroic Soul Linkers for free (see how in the next section).

4. Upgrading Soul Linkers in A3 Still Alive and How to Get Heroic Soul Linkers for Free

A3 Still Alive Soul Linker Guide Combination for Heroic

To get Heroic Soul Linkers for free, in short:

Step 1: Get 4X - 5 star Rare Soul Linkers

Step 2: Combine them to get a 5 Star Heroic

A. To upgrade Soul Linker stars, go to the Soul Linker menu and click Growth then Upgrade:

  • 4 Star Rare Soul Linker = Max LVL 3 star rare of same Soul Linker + any LVL 3 star rare duplicate of the same Soul Linker

  • 5 Star Rare Soul Linker = Max LVL 4 star rare Soul Linker + any LVL 4 star rare duplicate of the same Soul Linker

A3 Still Alive Upgrading Soul Linkers

B. To combine/Bind rare Soul Linkers into a Heroic, go to the Soul Linker menu and click Growth then Bind:

  • 5 Star Heroic Soul Linker = Choose 1 main type/attribute of a 5 star rare for the main slot. Then choose 3 other 5 star rares as material. Click bind to get a random 5 star Heroic of the same type/attribute as your main slot.

C. To upgrade Heroics from 5 star to 7 star, follow the same process as upgrading stars for Rares. Except here you will need 3 of the identical Heroic to upgrade its Star level.

D. To Combine Heroic Soul Linkers into Legendary Soul Linkers:

  • 7 Star Legendary Soul Linker = Choose 1 main type/attribute of a 7 star Heroic Soul Linker for the main slot. Then choose 3 other 7 star Heroic Soul Linkers as material. Click bind to get a random 7 star Legendary Soul Linker of the same type/attribute as your main slot.

A3 Still Alive Binding Soul Linkers

5. Which Soul Linkers Should you Choose for A3 Still Alive?

See the New Heroic Soul Linker Tier List

This isn't a choose whoever you want because not everyone will have the luxury of picking, especially free to play players. I recommend grinding and focusing on getting a heroic of each type and start investing into those 3 Soul Linkers are your primary for end game. (If you don't have a heroic, invest into just ONE rare Soul Linker to get through the game until you can find better ones) With that said, here is my little Tier List by Type from Heroic and up:

Keep in mind, depending on your class and build, this tier list may not apply to you. The factors that will determine how good a Soul Linker is based on their common skill set and ultimate skill and OFC their stats (But that will just come from stars and rarity which is a given)

ATK Type:

S: Belaus - Legendary, Rinon - Legendary

A: Hecamione - Heroic

B: Perrormond - Heroic, Sen - Heroic

DEF Type:

S: Raziel - Legendary, Pobart - Legendary

A: Europia - Heroic

B: Amanyu - Heroic, Kantdrone - Heroic

Support Type:

SS: Ellian - Legendary

S: Ramihenne - Legendary, Veneone - Heroic

A: Tietis - Heroic, Chotaring - Heroic

Side Note** Every player should get an Adelier (Rare), Chotaring (Heroic) or Ellian (legendary) as a healer for various occasions if your party needs sustainability. - These are the only 3 healer Soul Linkers available at the moment for the global version.

6. How to get Soul Linkers

A3 Still Alive Soul Linker Guide Soul Stars

You will get soulstars of various rarities throughout the game by simplying playing. Using a soul star will summon a random Soul Linker based on the rarity of the soul star. The game will give you quite a big of common soul stars and some rare soul stars just for playing. You can farm more soul stars from Region quests and going to the summon shop. As a free to play player, you can use your bound diamonds (blue) to summon 11 for 500 diamonds. (Which is the best way to spend bound diamonds in A3 Still Alive)


A3 Still Alive get Soul Linkers for free from codex

You can also get free heroics and rare Soul Linkers by completing Codex submissions for different maps. All you need to do is look at the completion reward for the map, if it contains a Soul Linker then click on each monster and go hunt it. Once you hit 100% completion on the Codex for that map, you will be rewarded with the Soul Linker.


As you do your daily Dark Presence PvP dungeon, you will earn points which can be exchanged for 4 star and 5 star rare Soul Stars.


By doing your 10 region quests everyday, you can get hundreds of soulstars which can potentially summon rare soul linkers.

7. Different Ways to Enhance Soul Linkers

A3 Still Alive Soul Linker Guide Upgrading

There are a few things you can do to strengthen your Soul Linker once you've chosen the 3 you are going to stick with (for a little awhile at least):

  • Level Soul Linkers - You will receive common soul linkers and Exp Souls which are used to level up your soul linkers and boost their stats and skills.

  • Level Skills - You can level up both their controlled and uncontrolled skill with Topaz and Gold.

  • Gear - Every Soul Linker can be equipped with 3 types of gear including gloves, armour and pendant with their own individual stats and rarity. You can then level up the gear by feeding more Soul Linker gear to it. Upgrading gear gives a lot of stats to the Soul Linker.

  • Insert and level Passives - You will receive passive stones while progressing through the game which 2 of them can be equipped for each soul linker. These passive stats like Soul Linker skills, can be upgraded using Topaz and Gold.

  • Connection - Each Soul Linker will have connections with other Soul Linkers, by placing the right Soul Linkers in the connection slots will give your Soul Linker a boost of stats.

  • Attribute Runes - You will get attribute runes after level 80. These runes will be embedded into Soul Linker type attributes which boosts both the character and Soul Linker. The attribute runes are character specific which means swapping out a Soul Linker will still let you receive the bonuses. Attribute Runes can be levelled up using duplicates of the same rune. View the Advanced Attribute Guide.


I hope this guide has helped you on figuring out what to do with Soul Linkers in A3 Still Alive. For more information on the latest mobile games, A3 Still Alive content and guides, follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. See you soon!


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