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  • Michael Wright

A3 Still Alive - First Global Update Coming November 30, 2020

Today marks a big news for all of you A3 Still Alive fans on the global server! The first major update is about to be released on November 30, 2020 and it will be a good one. We will see a new level cap, more PvP modes, a pet system and a new region. Read below for more details:

1. Level cap is now raised to 120 from 100. This means new level 110 and 120 equipment, including a legendary 120 equipment which will have higher stats than an ancient star equipment.

A3 Still Alive New Level 120 items update

2. A new Region called"Metium" is being added for players to reach level 120 from 100.

A3 Still Alive New Level 120 Region Metium

3. New main quests and regional quests will be added for the Metium region.

4. A new end game farming zone where players can get level 120 ancients and legendary items. This area will be open PvP so players can get Player Killed (PK'd).

5. A level 120 dungeon that players can enter to farm for equipment and accessories for a limited time each day. This dungeon has no PvP and it is a place players can just go and afk farm without worrying.

A3 Still Alive New Level 120 Dungeon Update

6. A new capture the flag 1v1 PvP mode.

7. The new pet system "Shu" will be added for players to obtain a bird like companion.

A3 Still Alive New Update November 30, 2020 Shu

8. A new world boss for level 115 in the Metium region which can drop.

A3 Still Alive New Level 115 World Boss Update

9. A new guild vs guild PvP mode called Guild Resource War which will happen every Wednesday and Friday at 21:00 server time.

Guild Resource War Details

Only 20 guild members will be allowed to enter from each guild (The guild leader can either assign who gets to enter, or just have a first come first serve rule). - You will also have to be level 45 or higher to participate.

A3 Still Alive Guild Resource War

The goal here is to score the highest amount of points in resources collected. The higher the points, the better the rewards.

How to Play Guild Resource War

Each player will need to hunt the field for resources that's scattered across the map. Once you pick up the resource, you will need to return to your resource camp and offload it. A player can hold a maximum of 2,000 resources and the more you carry, the slower your movement speed. If you die, all of your resources will be dropped and other players will be able to pick them up. There is also a large resource crystal that yields a lot of resources in the middle of the map which players can try to compete for.

A3 Still Alive New Guild Resource War Map

Once you've offloaded resources in your camp, the resources will slowly transition into the inventory. During this time the resource is still vulnerable for other guilds to come and steal. This means you will need a team that protects your camp from being looted while others go out and collect. With this said, your team can also go and loot other team camps for their resources. Once the resources are fully transitioned into the camp, then your guild will get the points.

The winning guild and high performing players in the battle will get rewarded and also have items added to their guild auction.

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