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A3 Still Alive: The Ultimate Berserker Guide for End Game PvE and PvP


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A3 Still Alive The Ultimate Berserker Guide


The Berserker class in A3: Still Alive is for players who loves melee brawlers who can deal massive damage with epic looking skills. This guide will show you everything you need to know about building the Berserker class as a pure DPS class including skills, items, Soul Linkers, and more for the end game in A3 Still Alive.

Why This Build is Good for PvE:

  • Your skills have fairly short cooldowns with fast casting animations which will let you get through your skill rotations very rapidly and frequently.

  • You are a brawler class which means you will also be semi-tanky allowing you to take more damage than most classes.

  • You have an awesome AOE pull skill that also heals you for a massive amount of damage dealt.

Why This Build is Good for PvP:

  • You can (protect) peel very well for your squishy damage dealers in the back lines.

  • You have a good amount of unstoppable buffs which will allow you to avoid being stunned / crowd controlled.

  • Since your skills have such fast casting animations, you can essentially become a burst DPS class where you instantly drop your skill rotation and get out and wait for cooldown.

  • You have a lot of interrupt skills which can make it very difficult to fight against without an unstoppable buff.

Berserker's Role in PvE

Your role as a Berserker in PvE against bosses and monsters is to deal as much damage as possible while doing a bit of tanking when a Templar isn't around. Due to your low skill cooldowns, short skill animations (allowing you to be more mobile and dodge attacks) combined with some sustainability and tankiness, you can forever stay in battle and dish out constant damage. The Berserker class has a bruiser role where they are a front line damage dealer that can take a few blows.

A3 Still Alive The Ultimate Berserker Guide and Gameplay

Berserker's Role in PvP

The Berserker can be played in a variety of ways in PvP depending on the situation. It can be played as a front line bruiser, a back line peeler (protector for squishies) and a burst DPS. Due to its high damage, short cooldowns and somewhat tankiness, you will have some flexibility of how you want to use your Berserker. Although the class lacks things like crowd control and huge burst skills, it makes up for it in short skill animations, low cooldowns and a lot of unstoppable buffs.

Best Soul Linkers for Berserkers in A3 Still Alive

Soul Linkers are very important to any character's build and will make a significant impact on the end result. This section will tell you which Soul Linkers your Berserker should use so you can get the most out of your companions. First you will need to understand every player will need to invest into at least one Attack, Support and Defensive Soul Linker to be able to progress through the game due to monsters/boss weaknesses. For more information on Soul Linkers, visit the full Soul Linker guide. This guide will cover the best of both Heroics and Legendary Soul Linkers (Since Legendary Soul Linkers aren't readily available for 99% of players as they are extremely difficult/expensive to obtain)

Best Soul Linkers for Berserkers for Both PvE and PvP

We won't be breaking down the best Soul Linkers for PvE and PvP and instead will be finding the best one that can meet your needs for both modes since it gets rather resource heavy upgrading them.

Best Legendary Soul Linkers for Berserkers

Belaus with Crazed Spin Common Skill: This Attack Soul Linker deals incredibly high damage and burst which is more than enough for an attack soul linker to help you beat the bosses and monsters weak against Attack types. She should only be used in PvE situations against enemies with weaknesses to ATK.

Raziel with Power of Corruption Common Skill: This Defence Soul Linker is very powerful for dishing out damage with an ultimate that groups monsters for easy farming and a 30% movement debuff that is great for PvP. The Power of Corruption skill is also very good because it will boost Raziel's defence significantly which will help him survive longer. You should use Raziel only against enemies weak against defence Soul Linkers or PvP situations where you need to chase down enemies.

Ellian with Wow, a Sword! Common Skill: This Support Soul Linker should also be your main SL that you will always want to have active. Everything about him is just too overpowered, from his massive healing ultimate that can decrease damage taken and dispel debuffs to his common skill that increases your Attack, crit and accuracy. He is the ultimate Soul Linker for Berserkers because he can increase your sustainability and also add a significant damage boost to your attacks.

A3 Still Alive The Best Legendary Soul Linker for Wizards

Best Heroic Soul Linkers for Berserkers - See the Heroic Soul Linker Tier List

Hecamione with Maximize as Common Skill: This Attack Soul Linker has a great ultimate that can deal massive damage and stun enemies, which is a great compliment to the Berserker class as he doesn't have much CC himself. The reason we use Maximize here is to help Hecamione do more damage in PvE against bosses weak against Attack types. If you have no problems with damage, then I suggest using Twister as the common skill as it is a very constant stun that is very powerful for PvP. Hecamione should only be used in 1v1 PvP and against bosses/monsters weak against Attack type Soul Linkers.

Europia with Shift Stance Common Skill: This Defence Soul Linker is great for PvE because of her ability to deal high damage while remaining very tanky and pulling aggro. Her ultimate gives her a very good damage boost and a 10% life steal effect while her common skill "Shift Stance" significantly boosts her defence and damage. She should only be used in PvE against monsters/bosses that are weak to Defence Soul Linkers.

Chotaring with Wind Energy or Land's Protection Common Skill: This Support Soul Linker which will be your main has a variety of common skills that are awesome for the Berserker class and it is important to pick the right one which can be used for all situations (as you probably don't want to be switching it). This will really depend on your playstyle whether you want to be more sustainable and survive or deal as much damage as possible. Wind Energy will allow your entire team to penetrate an enemy's defence which will be very useful for end game as everything will have high armour. Land's protection is great for keeping you and your team alive for much longer which can be very useful in both PvP and equipment dungeon farming. His ultimate is also very great for Berserkers as it can heal you while giving you more armour buffs to help you and your team survive.

A3 Still Alive The best Soul Linker for Berserker

Best Shu for Berserker

If you had to pick one Shu for Berserker (Any grade), I would recommend going for Luzco as it will give you a large amount of penetration and accuracy (these stats becoming difficult to come by at end game but has very high importance). These main stats are also applicable to both PvE and PvP. There are 4 sub-stats you should look for and those are:

  • Physical ATK

  • Physical Penetration

  • Physical ACC

  • Physical Crit. Success

A3 Still Alive The best Shu for Berserker

Berserker Skills

This guide covers 3 skill setups, one for PvE for killing bosses, one for PvE to AFK farm dungeons and one for general PvP.

Skill Setup and Rotation For PvE vs Bosses

A3 Still Alive The best Berserker Skill Rotation for Bosses

1. Begin each boss fight with Hidden Anger to boost your damage.

2. Use Pin Down, Horrifying Annihilation, and Beat Down next as they have slightly longer cooldowns but deals very high damage.

3. Finally follow up with Ebbing Pain, Sweep and Rampage for their high damage and low cooldowns as your primary damage dealers.

4. Keep Crazed Pull on manual as it has a fairly high cooldown and should only be used when you are under 75% hp for you to heal back to full hp.

Skill Setup and Rotation For PvE Farming Mobs

A3 Still Alive The best Berserker Skill Rotation for PvE

1. Similar to the boss skill rotation, start off with Hidden Anger to get the Damage Buff.

2. Use Crazed Howl to deal an AOE damage while inflicting Fear on enemies and RIGHT AWAY follow up with Crazed Pull to deal AOE damage and bring all the enemies back into 1 group.

3. The rest of the skill rotation are composed of low cooldown, quick animation and high damage skills including Horrifying Annihilation, Sweep, Beat Down, Ebbing Pain and Rampage.

Skill Setup and Rotation For PvP

A3 Still Alive The best Berserker Skill Rotation for PvP

As mentioned throughout the guide, you can play the Berserker class in a variety of ways in PvP, whether it is to be a sustainable bruiser applying constant damage to the enemy's front lines, dealing quick bursts using your fast animation skill rotations or staying in your backlines and peeling for your squishies.

Only use Hidden Anger when you are about to go in and deal damage as it will lower your defence.

Use Horrifying Annihilation as your engage skill as it applies large damage and makes you unstoppable (immune to CC).

Use Curse of Immortal next to give yourself a 15 second unstoppable buff while healing for the damage taken during this period.

Keep Crazed Pull on manual for when enemies tries to escape or when you need healing (Make sure to use this around enemies because it heals for the damage dealt - the more around you the more it will heal you).

Now follow up with your large DPS skills including Pin Down, Ebbing Pain, Sweep and Rampage.

Character Stats Prioritisation

In A3 Still Alive, Berserkers can be build a variety of ways, but in this guide, we will try to build it as a DPS bruiser meaning we will focus 80% on building offensive stats and 20% on defensive stats to help us survive.

A3 Still Alive The best Berserker Stats to get

The main stats we are prioritising in items, Apostle, Attributes, Shu and other areas:

  • Physical Attack

  • Magical Penetration

  • Physical Accuracy (Only up until 80% hit rate at current dungeon)

  • Physical Crit. Success

  • Physical Crit. Damage Increase

  • Physical Defence or EVA

  • Magical Defence

Additional stats that can be helpful:

  • HP

  • Magic EVA

  • Physical and Magic Crit. EVA

  • PvE or PvP Damage Increase

  • Decrease PvE or PvP damage taken

How You Will be Able to Add The Above Stats

  • Equip higher level magic stones in your gear.

  • Hunting codex that matches the stats you need.

  • Upgrading your Sanctuary with Red and Purple shards only.

  • Upgrading your Apostle Fragments. See Apostle Guide

  • Enhancing your Attribution Runes from Soul Linkers. See Attribution Guide

  • Finding gear with the right substats that matches the above stats.

  • Find the right Shu substats that matches what you need.

  • Enhance your passive skill for damage and crit. damage.


For the current end game (Level 120) you will want to aim to get Ancient or Legendary gear with red and purple slots (for more physical damage and crit success) and 4-5 sub stats. You can get up to 3 sockets and 5 sub stats (see the stats section above).

A3 Still Alive Berserker items and stats

You can craft gear in your guild hall or farm the end game equipment dungeons (S.S. Ivan B3 or Refuge of the Dead B2) for level 120 Legendary/Ancient items.


Similar to gear, you will want to farm Heroic/Ancient Accessories in equipment dungeon or pull for them from the Gacha (if you are a paid player). If you get your heroic accessories, you can upgrade them into Ancient accessories by combining 4 other heroics of the same type and do the same with Ancient to Legendary. Accessories have an accessory Substat that affects damage for either PvE or PvP - this is why you will need 2 sets of accessories. (One for PvP and one for PvE) You are looking for accessories with 3 sockets and 4 sub stats. For the best sub stats, refer to the stat section above.


Hope you all enjoyed this A3 Still Alive Berserker guide and thank you for reading! Also please support our growing YouTube channel and the website for me to make more guides and provide the latest gameplay news on mobile gaming.

For more information on the latest mobile games and guides, follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. See you soon!


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