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Astracraft Gameplay - Upcoming Mech Sandbox Battle Arena for iOS/Android


If you are a fan of mechs/drones/robots/battlebots you will love Astracraft as it allows you to explore your creativity on building the most awesome mech war machines! NetEase brings us this unique real-time multiplayer sandbox mech arena mobile game that features a variety of game modes that will let you build war machines from scratch during each match and modify them as you like throughout the match!

The global release of Astracraft is currently available for pre-registration on the Google Playstore and soon the Apple App Store.

Astracraft Gameplay Review Upcoming Mobile Mech Builder

Mech Builder

Astracraft allows players to design their own mech with hundreds of modules that you can plug and play however you like which means rarely will you see two mechs alike. There are also game modes which you need to collect different modules as you play in the match so players will need to combine wit, creativity and speed to build a mech that works for them.

You will always start out as a tiny little machine which is your core and it is up to your creative mind to build around it to become the ultimate battlebot. There is a maximum number of resources you can use so you will have to be strategic about which parts to put into your mech. These are some components which you can build/adjust on your mech:

  • Body pieces

  • Shield Modules

  • Melee Weapons

  • Gun Modules

  • Laser Modules

  • Rocket Modules

  • Drone Dispatching Modules

  • Wheels

  • Legs

  • and More

Astracraft Gameplay Upcoming Mobile Mech Builder


Astracraft Upcoming Sandbox Mech Gameplay

Astracraft has quite a unique gameplay and it really depends on the game mode you enter. However, most game modes will involve you playing against other players online by entering a match as a single little bot and building out your ultimate machine during the match. As you climb the ranks you will need to adjust your bot based on your opponents and the environment to get a bigger advantage. However building the best battlebot in Astracraft is not enough, you will need to still manoeuvre, aim and play tactically to win your matches.

Game Modes

Astracraft Upcoming Sandbox Mech Game Modes

Astracraft features quite a number of modes for players to play including (Each game mode requires you to build your own bot or import pre-builds):

  • Creative modes for you to experiment with builds and practice battling other players in a sandbox arena style map. A quest like challenge for you to pass levels by using certain modules/components of a bot.

  • Various arena modes for you to challenge other players to become the number one battlebot.

  • Battle Royale mode with respawn.

  • Racing (Mario Kart style)

  • Elimination mode with a shrinking map.

  • King of the hill team mode with 3 players on each team. Fight with your team to control an area against enemies.

  • More to come.

Final Thoughts

Astracraft Gameplay for Upcoming Global Release on Mobile

If you're on the market for a mech game with lots of customisation and fast paced combat, don't let Astracraft slip by. Once again, the game is currently available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store and will soon be available on the Apple App Store. Hopefully you enjoyed the article and see you next time!

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