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  • Michael Wright

Astracraft Global Launch! Gameplay First Look

Astracraft Global Launch iOS and Android Gameplay Review

Astracraft recently just had its global launch on both iOS and Android. In the below video, you will see some gameplay from the different modes available to the game.

Astracraft is an incredible game but may not appeal to everyone because it is a mech / battlebot focused game. However, it features many awesome game modes such as

different PvP arenas, battle royale, various team modes, casual modes that reminds me of fall guys and much more.

You also get access to an incredible amount of customization you can do pre or mid battle to your mech. Even though the game is by Netease (infamous for releasing P2W games), there doesn't seem to be any pay to win features in Astracraft, the micro-transactions are mostly cosmetic. Although you can buy some mech modules, these can also be bought with gold you earn from games.

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