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Badlanders pre-registration starts - Upcoming Survival Shooter by NetEase


Badlanders is a mobile survival third person shooter set in a modern world and is brought to us by the popular NetEase. At first glance this may seem like another battle royale game such as PUBG but certain game mechanics and victory conditions makes Badlanders a survival shooter than a battle royale game. Badlanders is currently available for pre-registration on iOS and Android and have a potential release date of October 24, 2020.

Is it Like PUBG or Other Battle Royale Games?

Badlanders seems to be inspired by Escape from Tarkov, a popular PC shooter with survival and RPG elements. Compared to a typical battle royale game, Badlanders' gameplay will have more focus on sneaking around, looting, economising, and customising your setup for different scenarios. Also, something unique to the game is the storage system where players can stock weapons and gear to get permanent access even if they die. The victory condition isn't to be the last one standing and killing every other player/team. To win, you need to escape by meeting individual objectives or you can be more aggressive and just defeat the other 23 players.


Each match will start with only 24 players entering the battlefield, each player ultimately has the mission to escape. Like many survival games, players can choose to play it two ways, avoid combat and loot weapons/gear to get stronger or take out other players any chance you get. (I am personally the looter time and let the other players fight it out) The game controls and mechanics feels very similar to PUBG Mobile or COD Mobile with a bit less fluidity - however this may be fixed as the global version releases.

Weapons and Customisation

Badlanders has an incredible weapon customisation system where every gun has an array of attachments and upgrades that you will need to find and craft throughout the map. Keep in mind, you will lose all your carried items if you die, therefore there is a big risk of spending a lot of time gathering and crafting for a bigger weapon advantage. However, you can store items in storage to come back to them later. This is what makes Badlanders interesting because you can choose to hunt enemies for their upgraded weapons or loot and craft it all yourself.


As players win more games, they will be rewarded with weapons and upgrades which they can exchange or trade on the open market. Also, as you play more games, you will increases in level and combat effectiveness which can unlock new modes and features.

Final Thoughts

As a fan of PUBG Mobile and other battle royale shooters, I love the idea of other victory conditions to create more variety in game play. However, I am rather curious about a 24 player load compared to the 100 player dump of other titles. Perhaps the low player count is to inspire a slower pace and more strategic game play. In the end, I still consider Badlands a battle royale despite the variations, either way though, I am really looking forward to it.

I hope this article has given you some valuable insight. For more information on the latest mobile games, follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. See you soon!

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