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BATTLEPALOOZA - Battle Royale in Real World Cities Using Google Maps

BattlePalooza Upcoming Battle Royale on iOS and Android


Battlepalooza is an upcoming mobile multiplayer Battle Royale Arena that uses Google Maps to bring players battlefields based on the real world. You can now pre-register for the game on both iOS and Android to unlock some in-game reward at launch. The game will officially launch on December 10, 2020 on both platforms so keep your eyes peeled!


Battlepalooza is a battle royale designed for every player to enjoy, not just the elite players with the best aim and fastest reaction speeds. nWay designed the game's combat system to blend skill, strategy and luck to give every type of player a chance for victory. You will find a mix of the match progression system found in MOBA games and a skill loadout system like RPGs which will give players more opportunities to incorporate depth into their strategy. The game uses a top down camera view similar to MOBAs and allows players to find/use a variety of items, consumables, weapons and more during each match.

Battlepalooza Battle Royale Gameplay

Game Modes

Battlepalooza allows up to 24 players in each battlefield / match. Players will be able to enter a few different game modes including solo queue, Duo (12 teams of 2) and Trio (8 teams of 3). There is also a drop-in, drop-out system which means if a player leaves mid match, they won't be punished and their character will be replaced by a bot. Also players can enter games mid-match and replace existing bots.

Final Verdict Battlepalooza is developed together with Google's Real-World Games team which is the first Battle Royale game to use the Google Maps system to turn real life cities into arenas. I think this is an incredible concept and can't wait to try it out. Also the combat system where it adheres to both strategic and reaction skill based players shows a lot of promise as it will cater to a broader audience. I would love to try out battlefields such as New York or Venice!

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Battlepalooza Battle Royale For everyone

About nWay nWay, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is a San Francisco based developer, publisher, and tech platform for competitive multiplayer games across mobile, PC, and consoles. nWay’s proprietary back-end tech platform nWayPlay enables fast development, prototyping, and operations of cross-play, real-time multiplayer games. The company has a strong track record of developing AAA quality games on mobile and console, such as recently launched WWEⓇ Undefeated, POWER RANGERS: Battle for the Grid, POWER RANGERS: Legacy Wars, and ChronoBlade. nWay is comprised of leading developers and senior executives from Sony, Electronic Arts, WB Games, LucasArts, Kabam, Nexon, and NCSoft. The team has collectively contributed to over a dozen hit mobile, console, and online games, including Marvel Contest of Champions, the Injustice series, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Dominations, FIFA, Battlefield Online, Lineage II, and Warhammer. For more information about nWay, visit


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