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Best 4 Legends For Smash Legends

After this last massive update with different character balancing, newly added abilities and the newly added Witch Queen, I need to tell you guys who I think are the best 4 Legends in Smash Legends.

I even asked the top 3 players in global for their opinion and they gave their opinions on the best 3 legends: Kyze said Red, Ravi and Cindy. Kami said Red, Cindy and Ravi. Pinn said Red, Peter and Master Cat. So this was originally going to be a best 3 Legends but it was hard to decide the third spot so I just turned it into a best 4 legends list.

When talking about the best of anything it always is a bit subjective since there are so many factors that decides what a good Legend is. Such as the game mode, the opponents they're facing, the player's skills, and a bunch of other things. So I am going to take my experience playing with each character and try to be as objective and unbiased as possible, and try to think about it from the average player's perspective to tell you guys who my top 4 legends are in Smash Legends. Some of you may definitely not agree with me but let me know who your top 4 is in the comments below and why.

4. Peter

Starting backwards, I am going to put Peter as number 4 and this may come as a shock to some of you guys but he is actually insanely good especially with his newly added abilities.


-Known for his ultimate / Huge AOE / Great for Arena modes and final kills and charges fairly quickly / Massive damage and hard to escape

-His skill one step forward is also quite the powerful burst attack especially combined with Perseverance Strike that lets him deal up to 20% more damage after not attacking an enemy for 5 seconds. Also if you combine this with Heavy Sword, it pushes the enemy back up to 28% further which can be very useful in certain modes to knock people out of the arena.

-One Step Forward also has an insane range during the aerial attack so you can catch the enemies off guard and get some free damage.

-His normal attack Heavy Swing is also one of the best normal attacks in the game since it's got 3 fast swings that are AOE and surrounds his entire body so it's really hard to dodge it other than jumping. Even his air normal attack is an AOE so it's really hard to avoid it.


-Pretty average damage

-Range is very short on both normal attacks and skills other than ultimate

Overall Peter is a great Legend and can be quite deadly in the right hands. Plus everyone gets him for free right from the start so accessibility shouldn't be an issue. And for bonus points he has some of the best fashion in the game especially the pirate costume.

3. Master Cat

I am putting Master Cat at number 3 because he is just absolutely insane with his fast ultimate charges after landing 3 normal attacks and the super long range on his attacks. He can also instantly kill you with 1 combo if you're not careful.


Now with his newly added abilities, he got a larger boost than most of the other Legends from this considering he can deal up to 16% more damage when his HP is below 50% with Fury. His second ability Mind Focus is the most insane since you will be able to deal so much more damage for every stack of ultimate resource that you have. Then finally with Swift Steps you can move way faster when your ultimate is ready and catch enemies. Nobody wants to get caught in a master cat ultimate since it can easily lock you down and kill you.

-One of the fastest ultimate charge in the game

-Great engages

-Very fast normal attack with super long range

-Fast recovery intervals between your secondary skill and normal attacks so even if you miss, you'll most likely be able to hit your opponents first before they can hit you.

-He can also be extremely fast when his ultimate is charged up.


-Below average damage with normal attacks and secondary skill.

-Not the best against ranged Legends since it's very hard to stack your ultimate on them as they're running away from you most of the time.

-People can run away from you when you have your ultimate and it will eventually discharge.

Master Cat is one of the most fun to play Legends in the game in my opinion and one of the more versatile legends with good speed, damage and survivability. Plus his master sensei look is just so epic how can you not love playing this guy?

2. Cindy

At number 2, I have to give it to Ms. Thickness herself, Cinderella aka Cindy with her insane second skill reset that can easily tilt everyone and make people rage quit. She's also one of the tankiest Legends in the game, I mean look at her legs, nobody is getting through those! On top of that she has an incredible offense potential with her secondary skill reset passive, and that is something that allows her to dominate the battlefield.


-Has one of the best secondary skill in the entire game. Although Knee Kick's damage isn't super high it has a huge range and knocks the enemy back. It also completely resets the cooldown if you hit an enemy legend with it. You can really abuse this skill and get infinite combos on your enemies.

-Unknown to most people and usually not noticed by the naked eye, Cindy has no landing animation when jumping, probably because of her massive legs... Anyways, so she gets a slight advantage when bouncing around vs other legends except Red since she has the same thing.

-Her normal attack is very versatile since the first hit is an AOE attack like Peter's which is hard to avoid and her second attack is a dash kick which could be great for chasing down enemies.

-Her ultimate isn't the best but it's not bad for a large AOE attack and can also drag enemies with you which can be useful sometimes. Plus with her third ability Perseverance being able to charge up the ultimate much faster means you can spam this skill a lot more. And also her second ability Recovery Strike lets her restore HP for every enemy hit with her ultimate which can be useful sometimes.


-The only issue with her is if you miss your second skill, the enemy can punish you pretty hard ...that sounds a bit dirty

Cindy is just incredibly fun to play and the fact that she's really tanky gives her some room to make mistakes. There is definitely a night and day difference between a good Cindy player and a bad one though. It's kind of like in martial arts, a noob trying to kick someone is pretty useless but when a pro fighter kicks you, you're pretty much done.

1. Red

Finally at number 1 and most of you already guessed it by now probably, and ofcource that is little Ms. Red Riding hood. She's just so good in every single way and there are even some conspiracy theories that someone on the Smash Legend development team is secretly making her stronger behind the scenes.


-Insanely long normal attack string and huge damage. Her normal attack while jumping is also one of the most broken things in this entire game, it literally locks someone straight down like a basketball and you can continuously do this forever which is just silly.

-Super long range second skill that can be used twice back to back, and has insanely high damage.

-Very fast recovery speeds, you can literally miss your second skill if the opponent tries to jump against you and you can attack them with your normal attack before they even land. Tell me that's not broken.

-Her ultimate lets her go invisible and deal bonus damage on the first hit after using the ult. It also gets charged really fast too so you can be invisible almost after every combo. In battle royale it's so annoying fighting a bunch of them because you never know when one is going to pop out at you and assassinate you.

-Red's second ability Dancing Blades is also pretty degusting in team fights and Battle Royale. It gives her up to a 28% damage buff for 12 seconds after killing someone. It's not like her damage wasn't high enough already, now with this you can pretty much 1 shot someone with a normal attack combo. Just disgusting...what were you thinking Line Games?

Regardless of how powerful she is, Red is still super fun to play and extremely versatile. Everyone complains about how overpowered she is and the devs recently announced they're going to be looking at balancing her out. So play her while you can become she gets the nerf hammer.

Honorable Mentions

So I would like to mention that Ravi could have been an easy third or fourth but when he doesn't have his ultimate, his skill set is fairly bland and doesn't stand out too much. Also his ultimate does take quite awhile to charge up and even after it's charged up you might not want to use it if you have his ability that makes him deal more damage when his ultimate is up. However he does deal amazing damage and his secondary skill is quite useful. Anyways I would say Ravi and Peter are on about the same level so don't kill me if he's your favorite but didn't make the top 4 of my list.

So that's it for the top 4 legends list, things may change more as they do more character balancing or release new abilities.

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