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Bistro Heroes: Why Players Love This Simple RPG

Bistro Heroes Gameplay Review on Android and iOS


Cooking! Fishing! Crafting! --- or going on an adventure with adorable 2D heroes in this addictive mobile game called Bistro Heroes by Team Tapas. The game was released on August 28, 2020 on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If you enjoy side scrolling games, this may be your kind of game. There are more than what meets the eye in this simple simulation game. Continue reading to find learn more about all the incredible activities you can do in Bistro Heroes!


One of the sources of your heroes strength is to overcome the challenges in story mode or daily dungeons. There are collections of furniture and clothing to choose from in the game for all of you aesthetic lovers. Most of all, we can’t forget the Gacha feature and event exchange rewards. Gotta Collect ‘Em All! What do you know! You can equip the clothes designed for each hero, and also create your own stylish scenery with the furniture you craft to make a world personalised for you. Who doesn’t like making a comfy home in the outdoors?

Bistro Heroes Cooking and crafting Skills
Choice of available furniture you can craft

Making money! Cooking! Hunting!

That’s right gamers! Every game requires a currency. How would you like to make a living through cooking! Cooking is essential in Bistro Heroes, hence the title Bistro. Uh-oh! Not enough ingredients to make a dish to sell? Going through story mode gives you various ingredients per stages. That’s where the challenge begins. Players must beat each stage to collect ingredients which can then be cooked or sold for gold. Can’t beat the stage? You’d better upgrade your heroes with the gold you earned and pay attention to which hero is best suited to beat a dungeon! Hunting for ingredients made easy, upon beating the stage, you may instantly use one stamina to collect materials, what a time saver!

Bistro Heroes Cooking
Which dish do you prefer?


Bistro Heroes Fishing

Short on seafood ingredients or low on stamina? That’s right! Fishing is a fun feature that gives handsome rewards to those who hate to wait or just enjoy fishing. There are two types of fishing: Auto or Manual, if you aren’t good with manual tapping that’s okay! Auto fishing makes it easier for those who have no time or just simply lazy. It is very rewarding, as you fish, the stamina gauge bar increase by 25% till its full—congratulations! You have collected +1 stamina to continue on with the story!

Daily dungeons and Skill Upgrade

Bistro Heroes gives players the simplicity of beating up a single boss to farm ores which can be used to upgrade heroes' skills. How many ores can you get? Another source of gaining power to overcome challenges that awaits our heroes. The higher the level a heroes skill is, the better the skill becomes!

Bistro Heroes Daily Dungeons
Daily dungeon gives boosters like this to level up skills

Achievement: Rubies and Event Shop

Bistro Heroes Gacha

To wrap things up, as you progress into the game, completing Main and Sub-story quests freely rewards you with rubies (in app currency purchases). Save up on rubies to play the Gacha to style up your gameplay! What’s more---the event exchange feature! You may notice stars laying on the ground of your lands or upon completing missions, collect them to exchange in the shop for additional furniture and clothing.

Final Thoughts

Bistro Heroes is very addictive and a great time killer. The game is designed for those who enjoys relaxing, yet, simple simulation games. I personally find it very stress-free with F2P friendly elements which is always refreshing for a mobile game. Give the game a try and explore the many features of Bistro Heroes. Who knows? Maybe you would like to try and cook the dishes from Bistro Heroes for real!

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