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Blade and Soul Revolution Global Launch - Gameplay Review

Blade and Soul Revolution Global Release


Hey everyone if you grew up playing MMORPGs on PC like me, I am sure you've come across the original Blade & Soul title, which was one of my favorite games growing up with one of the best PvP systems I've ever played to date. Now we are finally getting Blade & Soul Revolution which is the mobile instalment of the series in global. Keep in mind, the game has been out for a bit over half a year in the Asian markets and has done quite well. Blade and Soul Revolution is up for pre-registration on both the Apple App Store and Google Playstore with an official launch date scheduled for March 18 of 2021.

Let's talk about the stuff we mobile MMORPG fans truly care about such as how the combat system will work, the different classes, how auto-play will the game be, the game's economy and trading system, how getting stronger works, the different game modes for both PvE and PvP, and will it be pay to win.

Watch The Entire Thing Here:


I am sure the first thing you noticed from what you've seen so far is that this is just another auto-play MMORPG on mobile, however that may be true to a certain degree, I can assure you that this game's combat is more than that. The combat just like the PC version, is heavily focused on combos, timing, juggling your opponents with well timed and strategized skill usage and dodging or evading your enemy's attacks. I'll show you guys some of the combos for a couple classes later in this video. So with that said, yes there will be auto-play but in PvP and some of the more difficult bosses in PvE, you are much better off to manually play your character and switch off auto-play. I often find myself dying on auto-play even in PvE so I had to manually play it - now whether that is a good thing or bad thing is up to you and your personal preference. I personally enjoy that because I can auto-play the boring quests and actually get to put my skills to use when it comes to the more difficult things and show off combat strategy, execution and reflexes.

The camera mechanics are very flexible as you can play completely 3D or 2.5D from a top down angle, so the choice will be yours. The control input is very smooth (even though I am playing on a server on the opposite side of the world), everytime I press a button, the skill casts immediately. Also the thing I love the most is you can move and use skills at the same time which significantly raises the skill cap of the game. Furthermore, each skill animation feels impactful and looks pretty awesome, so there is a feeling of excitement when a skill casts. Also, skills needs to be timed well if you want to combo as you generally have a short window, which I'll talk about later in this video. The other part I really love about the combat system is you have 2 evasion skills, one that sends you backwards and the other one moves you behind the enemy, ofcource both will have a pretty hefty cooldown, so we gotta use them wisely.


Next I want to talk about classes and races. There are 4 races in Blade and Soul Revolution with 7 individual classes. Unlike most mobile MMORPGs, the classes in Blade and Soul has significant differences in playstyle especially when it comes to PvP, for example a KungFu master is focused on counter attacking their enemies while blade dancers are focused on speed and crowd control.

So first I'll introduce the different races and their respective classes then I'll go back and briefly explain what each class is like. Keep in mind, races have no impact on stats or anything else other than cosmetics. I'll also make another video soon to deep dive into each class and their abilities, so make sure to subscribe if you want to be notified when that video comes out.

Starting with the Gon race, this is a male only race and you will be able to play the Kung Fu master and Destroyer. The Jin race can be both male and female with the class options of Blade Master, Kung Fu Master and Warlocks. The Lyn race can also be male or female and has the choices of Force Masters, Blade Dancers, Summoners and Warlocks. Finally the Yun race is female only with the choices of blade masters and force masters.

Now let's talk about what each class does. The Kung Fu master as I mentioned specializes in counter attacks which means when you're in a certain stance and an opponent attacks you, you can actually take no damage and deal a massive blow to them. They also have quite a bit of crowd control and endless combos. Next is the destroyer class which is supposed to be the tankiest class in Blade and Soul and my current main class. They wield a large axe and can pick up enemies to do combos with them, they can even pick up massive bosses which is pretty cool. Next up we have the blade master which is probably the most balanced class in the game and has a lot of gap closers, they also have a skill that can block enemy attacks, which makes them somewhat of an offensive tank. The warlock class uses the dark arts to attack and buff up allies, they can also summon this pretty cool looking spirit to fight for you. Force master would be the mage class of the game and they're pretty standard with long ranged massive AOE skills and an invincibility skill in the case of dangerous moments. Next up we have blade dancers, do not confuse this class with blade masters because they're nothing alike. Blade dancers specializes in fast speeds, lots of crowd control and even a skill to pick up your enemies with a phantom grip, this class is great for people who want some fast paced action. Finally we have the summoner class which uses a cat like creature to fight with you. Summoners have skills both for themselves and their pets which makes them a great team, they also have a skill that makes them invisible if they were to get hit, as you can imagine that would be pretty insane in PvP. Keep in mind, people can target your pet so be careful and keep your cat alive.

Game Modes

So now let's go over the different game modes and their difficulty. So ofcource like every RPG that ever existed, there will be a main quest and side quests in PvE. Although I was breezing through it extremely quickly on auto-play, by the second day, everytime I looked at my game, I was dead. As I mentioned earlier, auto-play simply does not work for a lot of the game's content and you will need to manually fight. Even though you can adjust the settings of your auto-play skill rotations, it still won't be enough to perform the best combos and evade enemy attacks. So other than the quests, there will be solo dungeons, 4 person dungeons and 16 player raids which you can do daily to get some awesome rewards. Those too get quite difficult and depending on your character's strength, you will want to manually play those if you want to make it through them. However, I really don't think Blade and Soul Revolution was made for PvE, the real breadmaker of the game is its PvP. There are quite a few different PvP game modes including a 1v1 and 2v2 arena, a 4v4 league, territory wars and more. The PvP gets extremely competitive and skill based so if you're a fan of player vs player and lot of action, owning noobs or losing and rage quitting, then this game will be for you.

One other thing I forgot to mention is that the game has something called a faction system. You will choose one of the two sides, and yes you guessed it, there will be open world PK when you see players from the opposite faction. There will also be guild alliances and guild enemies which we'll talk about more in future videos.

Skill Combos

Now let me show you how that skill system works in Blade and Soul Revolution. Every character has many combos they can do to perform some intense juggling of your opponent, the combat is almost like a fighting game especially when it comes to PvP. I am using my Blade Dancer right now and I'll try to perform some of the suggested combos the game recommends me, and ofcource keep in mind you can create your own custom combos too. As you can see I am being a complete noob right now and failing quite a few of them but when done correctly, they look pretty badass. I guess I'll have to really practice these once the game goes global so I can beat you guys on the battlefield. Some combos can get pretty long, I don't think I'll end up being successful on those with my high ping on the asian servers.

Pay to Win and Economy

Lastly, let's talk about the game's economy mechanic, how players can power up their characters and how pay to win the game will be. So there is indeed a marketplace for players to trade with each other in Blade and Soul Revolution from items dropped in dungeons, crafted items, crafting materials and more. Ofcource, there will be a cash shop as well for players to pay for items with cold hard cash. So I can safely say that the game will have some pay to win aspects unfortunately, however, from what I've seen so far, a free to play player can still have fun and fully enjoy the game in both PvE and PvP.

So with that said, let's quickly take a look at how players can get stronger in the game. And this part is surprisingly straight forward, just get better items, enhance them, put in some gems, fill up the codex and level up both passive and active skills. So all of that was pretty basic and you probably already know the whole ordeal but I want to quickly talk about the skill upgrades because it's quite unique. Each skill has variants which you can unlock and select. This is the key component in character builds. These variants will vary by different classes and their abilities ofcource but they will be the ultimate determinate of how you play your character. For example, as a destroyer I can purpose more of my skills towards life steal and crowd control versus doing more damage. You can also level up skills in the different stances that's available to your character. Furthermore there are conditional skills in Blade and Soul Revolution which are called Utility skills, this means these skills will pop up when certain conditions are met such as an enemy being knocked down on the ground. I won't dive any further into that stuff in this video, but I will be making more videos on this game as the global launch date approaches on March 18.

Hopefully you got a good glimpse and some useful insights about Blade and Soul Revolution. The series was one of my childhood favorites so I am very much looking forward to this game coming up this March 18 on iOS and Android. Anyways, If you guys enjoyed the video, please make sure to support the channel and drop a like, also if you want to see more videos and guides on this game or other mobile games, make sure to hit that subscribe button. Also if you have any questions or suggestions, I would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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