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Blade and Soul Revolution: Power Leveling and Item Guide

If you want to level up really fast and get the best items in Blade and Soul Revolution, then this guide is for you. Watch the video and learn everything there is to know.

Fastest Ways to Level Up

There are so many tricks to power leveling in this game that it could be a video itself, but I've compressed all of it and I'll give it to you quick and dirty right now. Don't take this lightly because leveling is so important as it unlocks higher level dungeons, field bosses, hongmoon arts passives and pretty much everything. So my first advice to you is to focus on levelling and nothing else and here is how you can do it at max speed.

First, you'll need to get a Talisman of Experience from the shop under Utility, you can get these with Blue Crystals aka bound diamonds that you can get for free in the game. This one in particular gives 40% more exp for 14 days from defeating enemies.

Second, you need to keep your Stamina at very high which gives you a bonus 300% exp from defeating enemies and not to mention the bonus silver and item drops. Stamina reduces as you kill enemies but it does reset to full everyday. When you notice it's getting low, use an incense burner which you can buy from the shop under utility or from the different merchants in different towns. You can use other people's too if you notice they have one up. If you're super serious about leveling, you can find yourself people to share incense burners with on a daily basis, so you all get access beyond your daily limits.

Now go back to the shop now and go under utility then potions, buy all the potion of growth then drink it, this is just straight up free exp for silver.

Just keep doing your main quest and side quests and ofcource solo and team dungeons whenever you have tickets available which ill talk about in a later section of this video. When you are level 100, you'll unlock Training Grounds. Training grounds is kind of like a dungeon which you can enter at 30 minutes at a time and kill mobs that gives a huge amount of EXP. This part is very important so pay attention. First go to the shop again and go to the utility tab and potions, then buy the Stamina Booster for 30 minutes, don't use this potion anywhere else besides in the Training Grounds. This thing doubles your stamina usage but gives you double the return. Once you're inside, you will get 2 keys everyday to unlock 2 chests for bonus stats. The one you are looking for is the 80% exp bonus, if you don't get it, just spend the 20k silver to reroll it until you get it. Now that you've got everything set up, go find the mobs closest to your level on the map. So you will want to manually play this for 30 minutes if you want to get the most out of it. The trick here is to round up as many mobs as you can handle at once, then AOE them to death. Then repeat as they spawn pretty quick.

If you are stuck on your quests or ran out of quests for some reason, you will now have to resort to open world farming. First of all, get yourself into a party for that party buff, you get 8% bonus exp when you have 4 players or more. Now find a place on the map with monsters around your level in a condense area. Now make sure you have Stamina so you actually get exp. Now go on auto with everyone, make sure to stay near each other if you want the exp from their kills. When you guys notice your stamina is low, light up an incense burner, sit around and replenish your stamina then get back out there. Rinse and repeat until you die of cataracts.

Also if you don't want to leave your phone on, there is an offline auto hunt mode which lasts for 3 hours a day. Make sure your pet is fed and you have stamina in order to use this though.

How to Get The Best Equipment

I bet you want good items right? Or maybe even the best items. There are 3 types of items in Blade and Soul Revolution, weapons, accessories and soul shields. Accessories and Soul Shields are always part of sets and items in this game has no level requirements which means you can equip the best gear from the very start...however, getting the item is different story.

If you want to do it yourself, you can just go to the item codex and click on how to obtain under each item to figure it out yourself, otherwise stay awake and pay attention! I will only be talking about how to get Heroics and Legendary gear which are the purple and orange gear as the junk items including white green and blue ones you get from normal progression will be obsolete and replaced anyways. One thing to note is that despite the rarity or grade of the sets whether it's a weapon, accessory or soul shield, there will be a huge stat difference between each set. Basically the higher level the dungeon you get the item or materials from, the higher the stats. See this set at the bottom here has almost double the stats of the first one per piece. However, the actual set bonuses are pretty balanced within the same rarity or grade. Ok let's now talk about how to get items.

For Heroic Soul Shields which is the highest grade, you can get them through:

  1. Heroic dungeons and raids after level 200

  2. You can go to the shop and under events, you can use dungeon coins to buy them. You get these from doing dungeons obviously.

  3. Faction Shop

  4. You may get them randomly from different game events.

You can just stick to superior soul shield sets with exp gain bonuses for now until you are able to get access to more heroic soul shield sets. Once you can get Heroic soul shields, make it your goal to aim for the sets with PvP bonuses as those will be the most important since this game is very pvp dominant. I am not going to talk about enhancing in this video, but try not to enhance superior soul shields if you don't have to, but if you are running out of inventory space, then go ahead and enhance them before getting heroics.

For Weapons and Accessories, you should aim for heroic grades before even thinking about legendaries as they become pretty hard to get. You can use superiors which are the blue colored ones temporarily. You can enhance blue ones to +8 but no higher and i'll explain why soon. Infact, you actually should enhance all blue accessories and weapons to +8. To get Heroic and Legendary gear:

  1. You can get the a few of the heroic items through Heroic Dungeons, Heroic Raids and Field bosses.

  2. You can also get a couple sets from the different village wheels with wheel coins, I probably wouldn't bank on this though as odds are low.

  3. However for the majority of the heroic items and all of the legendary items, you will need to craft it by getting the required design and required crafting materials.

  4. You can get designs from different dungeons and raids, field bosses, and the guild and faction shop, and ofcource the wheel too.

  5. You'll get lots of Premium and normal crafting material throughout the game so I won't talk about that. However, to get super and special material which is needed for legendary gear, you need to salvage heroic items for special material and you need to salvage +8 enhanced superior items or higher for super material.

  6. You can also get some of these materials from field bosses later on.

  7. Another way is to talk to the alchemy NPC in the village and merge some of the lower tier crafting materials into the higher ones.

  8. You can also process premium soulstones to get special material but I wouldn't bank on this.

  9. Lastly, you can buy the items straight out from other players in the marketplace for blue diamonds. Also if you are spending money, ofcource there will be lots of events which you can buy items from such as the item summoning.

Dungeons and Tickets

You're going to need tickets to enter these dungeons which gives you all these drops, you can get it by:

  1. Buying it from the ticket shop

  2. Getting tickets dropped in dungeons and raids

  3. Combining ticket fragments which are also dropped in dungeons and raids

Hopefully this guide has been helpful and given you some insight on how you can power level and get the best items in Blade and Soul Revolution. Good luck on getting the game started right and let me know what you think of the character you chose in the comments below. Also don't forget to drop a like on the video if you enjoyed this and subscribe for more. Until next time my friends, peace!

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