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Blade of God 2 - Closed Beta Gameplay and First Look on Android


Blade of God 2 by PG Soul Games, the sequel to Blade of God has just entered into closed beta and will last from December 11 to December 30. In this article we will discuss what exactly is Blade of God 2, what to expect from this hack and slash action RPG, the combat system, some of the game features, and how you can play the beta before it ends. Keep reading to learn more.

Blade of God 2 Gameplay

Dark Souls for Mobile?

Blade of God 2 is a hardcore action RPG set in a Norse mythology inspired world. Players will part on a journey across mystery lands and settings while exploring further into each hero's dark lore. Players will face challenging opponents known as the 'sacrificers' whom had their destinies stripped away. Like the first Blade of God or Lost Souls, timing, evading, attacking and pure combat executions are key to survive the combat and progress through the story.

Unlike the original Blade of God, BOG2 will be completely free to play with some in-app cosmetic purchases. The closed beta starts you in a dark ruined wilderness as a dark priestess with a blade. Right away you are thrown against a large 'sacrificer' which is actually extremely strong with multiple lives, if you are defeated, you will have to start all over. With all of the auto-play and easy-play RPGs coming out in mobile lately, Blade of God 2 was truly refreshing and takes me back to a console/PC gaming experience.

Combat System

Blade of God 2 requires players to be very alert and have their finger on the buttons at all times because one second off, and you might be dead. The combat is very fast paced and requires some strategy to understand the enemy's patterns and attacks which will help you with timing and knowing when to evade. The combat mechanics are smooth and attacks feel epic, but I do think that the dodge mechanic is more of an invincibility than an actual evade since you can go through anything attack without taking any damage. Players can also use a counter button during some of the enemy's attacks and can halt their attack and perform a mini stun while recovering energy. Attacks and evade are on a regenerative energy system which means when it is depleted, you cannot use any skills including evade. Players also have an ultimate skill that requires charging up throughout the combat and when used (depending on your character) it will unleash powerful attacks or give you a limited transformation.

Playable Heroes / Classes

Blade of God 2 will have three classes to choose from on launch, including a sword wielder (like in the closed beta), an archer, and mage. Players will be able to choose from many various combinations and access a multi-class system to experiment with more play styles. You can upgrade your characters and assign different attributes, upgrade skills and unlock unique skills that can alter the kit of each character.

Game Features

Beyond an awesome story, epic combat and some beautiful graphics, BOG2 lets players explore their collector's side and hunt for legendary equipment and other rare items. There will also be a gambling and crafting system in the game for players to test their luck and grind away at getting the best gear in the game.

Final Verdict

Blade of God 2 demo/closed beta was unfortunately very short but it did give us a glimpse of the game's visuals and combat system. I enjoyed every minute of it (all 7 minutes). I predict BOG2 will have a huge hit once it is officially launched since it brings a refreshing taste to mobile gaming by offering challenging combat in a RPG - which is something we don't see too much of these days. Stay tuned for more on Blade of God 2 and its official release date.

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