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Blessed Mobile Global Launch

Bless Mobile MMORPG Global Release

For some of the MMO fans, you may have once heard of the title Bless Online or Bless Unleashed for PC, and if you haven't heard of it, I don't blame you, the title never quite made its way to mainstream. Now we mobile gamers are getting an injection from the franchise, Bless Mobile which will have an official global launch this January 26 of 2021. It has been almost 10 months since we first heard about the title going live in the Asian markets and it has remained relatively quiet.

Let's talk about some of the stuff mobile gamers truly care about in our MMOs such as the feel of the combat system, how auto play is the game, the game's economy or trading system, powering mechanics, different PvP and PvE events, classes, roles, game difficulty and how pay to win will the game be.

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First, let's get the obvious out of the way. Bless Mobile is a Korean MMORPG that resembles similarities to games you may have already tried such as Black Desert Mobile, V4, A3 Still Alive or any of the Lineage titles. I'll try to be somewhat unbiased here and won't do any comparisons as not all of you have had a chance to try those games I've just mentioned.

Let's begin with the classes, there are currently 4 races and 5 classes. The races are Aqua Elves. Panteras, an orkish type barbarian class. Masque, a hobbit looking class and Habichts which are humans. The 5 classes are mages, rangers, berserkers, guardians and paladins. Guardians are the tank class with some team support skills while Paladins are the tank healer hybrids. You can expect the game to rely on the holy-trifecta with a Tank, DPS and healer combo to get through most challenging dungeons and game modes.

Each class has 10 skills to choose from and 3 conditional skills which are skills that can be used based on certain predetermined conditions. Keep in mind a player can only slot 8 skills on a 4 skill wheel. Players can also level up passive attributes to increase their combat power.

Every class will also get access to an ultimate skill called Archangle that has a fill meter, and once filled, you can use it to transform into a stronger being for more damage to take down your enemies.

Bless Mobile Classes

Before we talk about the combat and movement, I just want to mention Bless Mobile is quite optimized for phone performance and can run smoothly even on lower end devices without much battery drain or heating up. Apparently it can run well even on an iPhone 6S or Galaxy S6.

Now let's talk about the combat mechanics and movement system. First of all, the game will be played mostly from a top down 2.5D angle but it does allow players to zoom in for most of a 3D visual feel. Players can also rotate their cameras to lookin any direction for a 360 degree view. As for player control input, the responsiveness is almost spot on and feels instant which is good in my opinion, your character will do exactly what you tell it to, the second you tell them to. However, one thing that feels a bit old school is that you cannot attack or cast skills while moving at the same time, this means you will have to just accept that your character will most likely get hit if you ever want to attack or use spells. There also isn't any action skills such as jumping or dodging which means you will only have your D-pad and reaction speed for getting out of danger.

Next, let's talk about auto-play and the game's difficulty. I must say, when it comes to solo play, the game is extremely difficult even to progress through the earlier main quest. This leads down 3 paths for players in my opinion; you can either choose to find a party and tackle quests together, be patient and grind the game to get stronger before proceeding or pull out your wallet and buy yourself to victory. With that said, there is definitely auto-pathing and auto-combat, however in some of the more challenging events or quests, auto combat is just simply not enough to get by. Therefore, expect to manually play the game for some of the more challenging parts of the game. Other than that, the rest of the game will be pretty much auto-play.

There are three main currencies in the game including gold, unbound diamonds which you can buy with real money and bound diamonds which you can obtain in various ways. The game's economy is half player driven and half controlled through the game. This means you will be able to buy or sell crafting material between players on the trading system but it will only be on consumables and other crafting material for bound diamonds. You can also use your life skills for many of the components. Life Skills includes gathering, mining, fishing, handicraft, alchemy and cooking. However when it comes to the best items and mounts or pets, you will have to rely on summons aka a gacha system using gold and diamonds. Needless to say that players who spend money will have a large advantage over players who are free to play.

We will have to see how free to play friendly or enjoyable the game will be for non-spenders or non whales on the global release. Luckily we haven't seen too many PvP events or game modes so that may take some of the tension away.

The majority of the game will be PvE driven with many maps in the open world to explore and complete quests. There will also be dungeons, world bosses and raids for players to solo or tackle as a 5 person team or an expanded team. You will also see a little bit of PvP in the game for guild wars and a daily 1v1 arena which you will fight other player's AI controlled characters.

Lastly, let's talk about the power system in Bless Mobile and how players can become stronger. The game uses a fairly simple system for powering up aside from getting the best gear, mounts or pets as those all give you more stats and combat power. Players can level up and equip items on their pets, use a stat point allocation system called seal on their mounts, level up their skills and archangel stats, register monsters in their codex and ofcource the classic gear enhancement and leveling. One thing that I didn't mention is an adventure system where players can do side quests and challenges for bonus stats. With all that said, nothing new here if you've played any MMORPGs on mobile before.

Hopefully you got a good glimpse and some useful insights about Bless Mobile, it doesn't seem like anything too revolutionary in my eyes but it is definitely worth giving a try when the game launches this January 26 on iOS and Android. If you guys enjoyed the video, please make sure to support the channel and drop a like and also subscribe to the channel for more mobile gaming news and guides. Also if you have any questions or suggestions, I would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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