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Is Brawlhalla Worth Playing on Mobile?

Brawlhalla Mobile - Is it Worth Playing


It has been a few months since the release of Brawlhalla on mobile and the hype continues to build with more and more iOS and Android players downloading the game. In this article, let's talk about what exactly is Brawlhalla, are mobile players at a disadvantage compared to other platforms, what you can expect from the game and should you play as a brand new player. Read below to see the answers to all of these questions.

2D Super Smash Bros?

The elevator pitch is that Brawlhalla is a competitive platform brawler for players to beat each other up. The game resembles some similarities to the Super Smash Bros. franchise where players will get to choose from various characters and compete in various game modes with their friends or strangers. There is a low entry skill requirement which means every player can jump in and start fighting, however, there is a very high skill cap for players to actually master the game. Every character has their unique play styles, combos and attacks that players will need to familiarise themselves with if they want to compete in the top ranks.

Brawlhalla Mobile Gameplay Review

Brawlhalla Player Base

Brawlhalla is currently offered on PC, PS4/PS5, XBOX, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android with cross platform play. Ubisoft reports over 50 million players downloading the game and about 400,000 players downloading every month as of this November. Brawlhalla across all platforms also averages 28,000 active players at any given time so finding matches will not be difficult.

Legends (Characters)

One of my favorite things about Brawlhalla is the number of Legends (characters) the game offers with each having their own unique lore and costumes. There are already over 50 core legends in the game with more being constantly added, furthermore, Brawlhalla often has crossovers with popular franchises for additional characters such as WWE, Adventure Time, various Ubisoft franchises and more! Every character also comes with two weapons that performs different attacks which can be picked up throughout the match. As you play through the game using specific Legends, you will gain Stances which can be used to specialise your play style with that character.

Brawlhalla Legends and Characters

Game Modes

Brawlhalla comes with quite a few game modes for players to enjoy including online ranked and unranked Free-For-All 4 player matches, 1v1, 2v2, custom games, 2v2 stock battles and offline modes for couch parties and tournaments vs. the computer. Blue Mammoth also allows players to try out new experimental modes which aren't officially released yet.

Can Mobile Players Compete with Other Platform Players in Brawlhalla?

I am sure many of you are wondering if Brawlhalla on mobile is competitive with the other platforms and the short answer is yes and no. Yes it is competitive if we are considering whether players on mobile can play against players on PC and console. No if we are looking at if PC and console players have an advantage over mobile players. The two biggest disadvantages to mobile players is the screen size being significantly smaller and being filled with on screen buttons which can be a hindrance. The other disadvantage is that PC players and console players gets access to much more touch points while mobile gamers only have 2 thumbs and maybe 4 touchpoints if you are a pro multi-tasker.

With that said, Brawlhalla on mobile is still extremely competitive and you can get very far in the ranks using just your 2 thumbs on your screen. You will start to feel the disadvantages kick in later when playing in higher tiers.

How to Get an Advantage as Brawlhalla Mobile Player

One of the things that really helped me out was getting this attachment for my phone which gives 2 additional triggers so I can now move, jump, and perform attacks at the same time. You will have to set up your controls after getting it so the triggers can hit the buttons you want.

The other way is to connect your Xbox, PS4/PS5 or other compatible controllers to the game and get this attachment for PS4 or this one for Xbox for the full set up. Make sure to reduce the transparency of your control icons so you can get more vision of your screen since you no longer need to touch the buttons.

One last recommendation is hooking up a bluetooth keyboard. (Seems like a lot of Brawlhalla Pros uses just the keyboard to play)

Play Brawlhalla Mobile on Keyboard or Controller

Is Brawlhalla Pay to Win?

One common worry for mobile players is if a game is pay to win and I can safely say Brawlhalla is 100% free to play. The game has in-app purchases that are cosmetic only.

Final Verdict

You should definitely give this game a shot if you are a mobile gamer and haven't yet. As a mobile game, Brawlhalla is truly incredible despite it's simple 2D cartoonish graphics because the game play is just beyond phenomenal and is by far the best of its genre on iOS and Android. The title also brings the mobile platform a bit closer to competitive gaming where players can edge their way into the e-sports scene. However, if you have been playing PC and console and want to start playing on mobile, you will feel a a noticeable disadvantage which you can offset some of it by following the steps above.

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