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Catalyst Black Early Access- A Step Forward For Mobile Gaming (THIS IS NOT A MOBA)


I just want to start this article by saying this I loved my experience playing Catalyst Black and this game is truly a hidden gem (most likely because the game just went into early access testing this August of 2020). Catalyst Black is an online multiplayer battle ground shooter with an overhead view like League of Legends. Catalyst Black is brought to you by Super Evil Megacorp (the makers of Vainglory) and is based on a drop-in and drop-out system.

Built on EVIL

Unlike most mobile games which are/were developed using the Unreal or Unity engine, Catalyst Black is created using the E.V.I.L engine which specialises in cross-platform performance that can produce incredible visuals and device precision. This means you should expect high quality visuals, precise controls, smooth combat and cross device capability (touchscreen, controller, mouse/keyboard, etc.) giving players an AAA title experience on their phone.

Drop-in / Drop-Out System

Catalyst Black uses an innovative game design called Drop-in, Drop-Out (DIDO) which lets players join games with no matching or waiting. (You can also join the games your friends are in by simply tapping their name) You can also leave a match anytime you want with no penalty. How it works is that games in all modes are always active and when players leave, they are replaced by bots. (Same goes for when a player joins a game, the bot is then removed) This keeps the momentum of the game going for players inside each match always having a full team on both sides. This is to give players the freedom of playing whenever they want and for however long they want.


We just want to make it clear that this game is not a MOBA game like League of Legends or Mobile Legends. Catalyst Black is a battle arena shooter with many modes composed and teams composed of 10 players. The controls and interface are simple to use and follows a MOBA like style mechanic which many players are used to. The game features various modes such as Capture the Flag, Flag Hunter, Core Rush or simply play against bots to practice. Each player can play around with a whole arsenal of various weapons, skills, and masks that temporarily lets you transform into monsters (Primal) to defeat your enemies.

Character/Class (Loadout)

Players will have the ability to choose from many weapons, ability upgrades and cosmetics. Every game you play, you will gain more progress towards unlocking new items to try on the battlefield. By customising your character, you can become a sniper, assassin, support or tank.

How to Join Catalyst Black?

Android users can already enjoy the Early Access game directly through the Play Store. View on Google Play Store

iOS users will need to sign up for the Secret Service Beta test through the game's Discord channel. Go to Cataylist Black Discord


I truly believe Catalyst Black's DIDO system will pave new ways for how mobile gaming is designed. The gameplay is fantastic and challenging with simple and user friendly mechanics, I really couldn't ask for me. I will definitely be playing this for a long time to come! Also, if you haven't yet, take a look at the video of the Catalyst Gameplay in this article or on the MoboGamers YouTube Channel and see if it's something you will enjoy. Also please support our growing YouTube channel as we'll try to make more guides, video updates and the latest news on mobile gaming. Subscribe to our YouTube Here.

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