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Catopia: Rush by Supercolony To Launch Their Closed Beta

Supercolony’s Catopia: Rush casual action-RPG featuring cats. Yes, cats. If you are a cat lover then this title is for you. Recently, Supercolony started its closed beta. The game has touch-friendly features and focusses on casual gamers.

Although there are many games resembling the same concept and features, Catopia: Rush has enough variety and uniqueness in their content. The game will get you to immerse in a fantasy world full of monsters and dungeons. Lead a party of cats and defend your kingdom from the dark lord. You have to explore while dealing with the minions. Each cat has its own role and skills.

The game has hidden strategies and sharpshooting rogues, plucky casters, and mechs. It is a portrait game with optimised controls. You can even control the characters in one hand. All you need to do is just drag your thumb or finger around on the screen to steer with the floating joystick. It aims automatically when you stop moving.

Catopia: Rush closed beta begins on November the 18th. If you want to have your hands on the game before the global release then pre-register yourself by clicking here.

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