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  • Michael Wright

Dear My Cat: Brand New Idle Game About Cats on iOS and Android

Dear My Cat just launched today (September 28, 2020) and is an idle builder about cats. As I played the game, I experienced beautiful soothing music, an easy on the eye graphic design and lots of cute cats doing random things. Overall, it was a zen like experience unfortunately disrupted by the game forcing you to watch some ads (which isn't too bad since the ads were fairly short).

The game has a gold system and heart system which you can level up different buildings to receive more "income per second" of both resources. Which then can be used to build new buildings or invite new cats on your floating island. There are many quests to earn you more rewards as well as you progress through the game. It feels like the purpose of the game isn't to do anything more than give you a moment of relaxation, watch some adorable cats play around, and get your mind off of things after a long day. Each cat can be observed closely as they live their lives on this island, you can feed them food to make them happier and bring on more cats to be their friends.

All I can say is if you are a cat lover or enjoy cute things, then Dear My Cat is definitely for you. It is available on both iOS and Android devices.

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