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Elite Strike BETA First Person Shooter Gameplay and Review on Android and iOS

Elite Strike Mobile First Person Shooter Gameplay and Review


Elite Strike is a first person shooter that shows inspirations from the Counter-Strike series. Compete in various modes of 5v5 or Free for all combat, despite the mode, it all comes down to being tactical and a good shot. The game is currently wrapping up its closed beta with no announced global release date.


Having played many shooters on mobile including COD Mobile, Critical Ops, PUBG, and more, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by Elite Strike. The game reminded me of an older version of Counter Strike (CS) where the game had enough realism such as recoil and movements but was arcady enough for side stepping bullets, easier controls and the simplicity of a shooter without all the bells and whistles. The game could definitely use some work on movement mechanics and graphic enhancements, but overall it was fun to play.

Elite Strike features some common modes such as deathmatch, team deathmatch and bomb defuse but it also has some interesting game modes such as chicken run where people turn into chickens on death and you can use chicken guns. The game also has a unique take where you can dance to recover health, this may be a turn off for some but also an interesting approach to health recovery.

Is It Free?

Elite Strike will be free to play with some cosmetic purchases for weapons and your character. The game did give me quite a lot of things for just playing through the game as well.


I hope you've gotten some insight to what Elite Strike is like. Check out the video in this article if you haven't yet to see some gameplay. As we hear more information about the game, we will put it up on our blog, so remember to check back in!

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