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Eternal: JP Mobile MMORPG Gameplay Review on iOS and Android


ETERNAL by the popular Japanese publisher Asobimo Inc. who brought you hit games like Iruna Online and Toram Online was released in Japan this December 16, 2020. This MMORPG comes with incredible graphics, challenging gameplay and loads of customisation. Continue to see more about ETERNAL's combat system, multiplayer modes, game features and more.



The first thing you will notice about ETERNAL is some of the character design looks very similar to character you will find in Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XV - that is because the renowned illustrator Yoshitaka Amano is in charge of character designs for ETERNAL. The story takes in the middle of a war between Nordania and Ordo then suddenly struck by the dark creatures of the Nefarious forces. You as the protagonist must join forces with other players to protect your country.

Eternal allows you to choose between one of four main classes including warrior, paladin, wizard and priest. (Multi-genders) Each class can be fully customised based on the weapons you choose and the skill tree you spec into. For example, my warrior can use a large double handed weapon, a single handed weapon with a shield or two single handed weapons which will completely change my playstyle or skill sets.

Although ETERNAL has auto-play, it is one of the most difficult MMORPGs I've ever played. Players are constantly faced with challenging enemies that can go toe-to-toe with your character and death will be inevitable. (There is also the penalty of gear breaking on death which costs a fortune in gold to repair) The game really encourages you to party with other players to quest together.

Some of the other features in ETERNAL include a guild system, a trading marketplace with other players, 15vs15 PvP battlefield, 1v1 PvP Arena, countless quests, life skills (gathering/mining), Co-Op dungeons, mounts, pets, and much more! As new content is added to the game, we will keep you posted here so make sure to check back!w

We have not heard anything about a global release date yet but it is very likely we will hear something in the new year. For more information on the latest mobile games and guides, follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. See you soon!


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