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  • Michael Wright

Fall Dudes is the Fall Guys Counterpart on Android and soon iOS

If you are like us, then you've been wanting to play Fall Guys on mobile for quite some time now. The recent news of Fall Guys coming on mobile but JUST in China was very disappointing for us North American gamers. However, we found this hidden gem called Fall Dudes 3D that was released this August 15, 2020 on Android. It's as close as it gets to a Fall Guys game on your mobile device.

The game is very similar to Fall Guys with the downside of it being single player only. HOWEVER, the multiplayer patch is coming this October 5, 2020 and you will be able to play games with your friends and strangers online.


The game felt very similar to Fall Guys in many ways, currently the player can only run and jump (missing the dash and grab function in Fall Guys) The game is getting a lot of attention and the team at PepUp Studios is working hard to build more content into the game including more stages and more character customisation. Also, as mentioned above, multiplayer is coming on the 5th of October 2020 which is very exciting!

Each game currently starts with 40 players and as you progress through each stage, players will be eliminated very similar to how Fall Guys is played. The stages are quite familiar to what we are used to from Fall Guys, but Fall Dudes definitely has a few concepts unique to the game such as their maze stage. We are expecting this title to grow very quick so support the game and give it a try!

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