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  • Michael Wright

Fall Dudes Multiplayer Release - Fall Guys Fans Can Finally Play on Their Phone


This is dedicated towards my Fall Guys lovers who just wants to be able to enjoy it on their phones and tablets. Well guess what, it's not coming! Unless you live in China, then you are quite lucky and give yourself an applause. For the rest of you (including me), don't worry, because we have something that will be able to satisfy our craving, and that is FALL DUDES!

Fall Dudes Multiplayer on Android and soon iOS

Fall Dudes multiplayer update goes live this October 5th which means you can enjoy the game with your friends and strangers online! Only the Android version will be available for now but the iOS version is already in development so sit tight my iPhone and iPad friends!

Come join the part on Fall Dudes (available for download now on the Play Store) and start practising to become the best dude when multiplayer launches.


Hope you liked this quick update on Fall Dudes multiplayer for mobile, if you haven't yet, you should watch the video in this article to some of my noob game play. Also please support our growing YouTube channel as we'll try to make more guides, video updates and the latest news on mobile gaming. Subscribe to our YouTube Here.

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