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Fifth Ark Early Access - ARPG Gameplay First Impressions on iOS/Android


The Fifth Ark is a mobile shooter action RPG brought to you by Yoozou Games. It is currently in open beta and I've tried the early access version which is what we will talk about today in this article. Expect a late 2020 or early 2021 iOS and Android global release date.


The Fifth Ark is set in a world infested by Zombies and other monsters which is caused by an unknown reason (Which you will have to play through the game and find out). You must play through the game as one of the elite force heroes and complete different quests/missions to ultimately survive and save the world. The game will start you off with a character that you can choose and you will obtain more heroes as you play through the game or the Gacha system.


The game does not have a full auto-play system but instead has an auto-manual attack function, you will still need to manually move and use skills. (This function just helps you tap the manual attack button without exhausting your thumb) You will be using your character from a top-down Diablo like view and playing with a very familiar mobile gaming interface similar to other RPG's or MOBAs. Each character has different attacks and skills which you will get to experience and find a hero that best fits your playstyle. The game will have some skill requirements for both PvE and PvP to dodge enemy attacks while being tactical with your movements and skills. Long story short, you will need to defeat zombies, players and some terrifying bosses.


Fifth Ark currently has 10 heroes you can choose from, each with their own set of skills and attacks.

Game Modes

The Fifth Ark is filled with quite a lot of different modes for an action RPG, see below for the different things you can do:


Main Storyline

Solo and Co-Op PvE events and challenges

Special scavenger events to get resources for building your base

Survival mode


Ranked Matches

8 player free for all mode

1v1 automatic arena

Battle Royale Mode

4v4 Stronghold mode

Final Thoughts

I hope you now have a better idea of what The Fifth Ark is and if it's a game you want to try. I think the game has a lot of potential as the combat feels smooth and there are some very interesting game modes. Right now the game is definitely lacking players as it is new. Once a larger player base arrives, I am interested to see how the PvP will shape out. Make sure to watch the YouTube video in this guide to see some gameplay of this build. Also please support our growing YouTube channel and the website for me to make more guides and provide the latest gameplay news on mobile gaming.

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