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Forsaken World: Gods and Demons Gameplay Review and First Impressions on Android/iOS


In this article, I am going to break down Forsaken World: Gods and Demons piece by piece and give you my thoughts on the game and whether you should play/invest your time.

YOOZOO games, the team that brought you League of Angels and Rangers of Oblivion, comes the next mobile MMORPG Forsaken World: Gods and Demons (FWGD). Forsaken World: Gods and Demons is set in an massive online open world where players will have the freedom of choice to explore, hunt for treasure, defeat monsters, interact with other players in Co-OP or PvP and gather resources. The world of Calindor will shift depending on your actions which can lead to alternate story lines that will shape your destiny.

Also if you want to enjoy this game as a F2P player I recommend you reading this article about enjoying micro-transaction games as a free to play player before starting.


Probably my favorite feature about the game is the amount of classes the game starts out with. Each class can branch out into 2 interchangeable masteries as well, as you can see here my Rogue can become either an Assassin (Mobility but squishy) or Shadow Dancer (High Burst with survivability). You can switch between the 2 masteries at any time to give yourself variety and customisation based on what you're trying to accomplish.

Forsaken World Gods and Demons Talent Tree.jpg

The available classes in Forsaken World: Gods and Demons are:

  • Warrior (advances into Paladin or Hexblade)

  • Mage (advances into Elementalist or Arcanist)

  • Rogue (advances into Assassin or Shadow Dancer)

  • Priest (advances into Celestial or Oracle)

  • Vampire (advances into Flamebringer or Shadowcrafter)

  • Gunner (advances into Gunslinger or Artificer)

  • Ranger (advances into Sharpshooter or Jungle)

The game gives you quite a bit of customisation when creating your character which is always a plus, but it's not nearly as refined as Black Desert Mobile or Dragon Raja in this matter.

Gameplay and Combat

I will try to remain a bit unbiased here because I've played way too many mobile MMORPGs by asian companies and they're starting to feel the same. I would say Forsaken World Gods and Demons very similar to Perfect World Mobile with everything from auto play, mass character customisation to bump combat power, lots of different world event/boss events, guilds, PvP, cool items, pets, mounts, and many more elements.

Most of the time you will be hunting down monsters in the open world along with limitless other players, mining/gathering for resources, PvP or in dungeons to defeat bosses for loot. All of this can be done on auto (which is terrible if you want to actually play a game or quite nice if you don't have time to play but want to progress). You can do a lot of the game's events including daily dungeons, world bosses, timed events and guild events in parties of 5 with other players. (If you don't want to play with other players, when you enter team recommended dungeons, the game will give you a bunch of mercenary NPCs to help you)

So the game gets you on a fast track progression journey, you basically auto-play for 30 minutes and you're already level 50. The game will bombard you with everything from free enhancements, pet upgrades, mount upgrades, legendary gear and whatever else to give you huge boosts in combat power (CP). Once every 10 minutes or so, you'll get a pop-up for an exclusive beginner/time pack that you can purchase. (Don't do it!) If you've played Dragon Raja, Black Desert Mobile, Perfect World Mobile and other games of the sort, Forsaken World Gods and Demons won't be anything to write home about. However, if you're new to the genre and want to try out the latest release in this category, then it could be a great place to start. I RECOMMEND YOU TO NOT SPEND ANY MONEY (In the end, it's up to you though)

Progression and Combat Power

Forsaken World Gods and Demons Item enhancements.jpg

Here are some things that will make your character stronger (which is the ultimate goal of the game):

  • Enhancing your equipment

  • Putting Gems in your equipment

  • Upgrading your pets

  • Upgrading your mounts

  • Getting better equipment

  • Upgrading your skills and talents

  • Augmenting / Ascending everything!

  • Some other things you'll get access to later game.

Yes a lot of this stuff can be farmed through the game, but they will try to cap you and make get you to spend money to upgrade it even quicker. To be honest with you, you don't need to rush it at all if you're there for just PvE. PvP is a different story in these kind of games, if you plan to be competitive in this game, free to play won't cut it. (It will just make you rage quit or spend)

Final Thoughts

Like all mobile MMORPG's, they are quite incredible and detailed with many fun things to do, and definitely worth playing before it gets too grindy or pay to win. I have mixed feelings about Forsaken World Gods and Demons because it was completely auto-play and I didn't do anything but watching my character progress rapidly and just beat everything up by himself was kind of exhilarating. In the end, it really depends what you're looking for.

I recommend Forsaken World Gods and Demons for: Casual players who just wants a time killer and don't have time to play much (since most of the game is auto-played anyways) and people who wants to socialise with others.

I don't recommend Forsaken World Gods and Demons for: Players who are competitive (but wants to stay free to play) and hates auto-play. After all, this game is there to grab your money. (It can definitely be enjoyed without spending a dime though depending on your mindset, read more here)

For more information on the latest mobile games, guides and just thoughts around the topic, follow me on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. See you soon!

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