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Forsaken World: Gods and Demons Now Available for Android and iOS

Forsaken World: Gods and Demons is an open-world fantasy MMORPG of grand proportions. Developed by Youzou Singapore is out in both the Play Store and App Store.

The game was on beta last September, but the Developers were quick enough to roll out the stable version.

Like any other RPG, the game allows you to heavily customise your character. You can customise your skills and abilities according to your play style. The world of Calindor will shift depending on your actions which can lead to alternate storylines that will shape your destiny.

The game claims to be the most adventurous RPG and can be played with a hundred others simultaneously. Every time the player logs in, the game has specific tasks to complete. After the completion of the tasks, the game rewards you. It also has a feature where you can wander through the market, buy necessary items and potions. Deal with important people.

The game pays importance to teamwork and team fight. You can create or join a guild, build Guild Fortresses, and become a saviour or a conqueror. You can also buy and trade goods and items with guild members.

Download the game now from the Play Store and App Store.

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Forsaken World Gods and Demons Open Beta Gameplay Review

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