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Gate of Mobius Open Beta - Upcoming Anime RPG Shooter for iOS and Android


We got our hands on the Gate of Mobius open beta today and had a chance to try the upcoming shooter action RPG coming for iOS and Android. The game is published by Goblin Gamer Company with an expected release date of late 2020 or early 2021. In this article, let's talk about what is Gate of Mobius, the gameplay and combat system and some of the features we could expect out of the global version. Also keep in mind you can now pre-register for the game on iOS and Android.

Gate of Mobius Gameplay

The game throws you in the middle of combat right away in each story stage and you will need to work together as a party of four or fight solo against the different monsters/enemies in each level. In the beta, we were given the ranger class to test out, while we expect a total of 5 different classes in the full release. So far in the combat field, we were able to shoot, jump and dodge while battling it out against monsters and bosses. The full release will let players use various skills based on their class to enhance the combat experience and provide more teamwork value in bypassing stages. The further we climb, the more difficult each stage becomes which means playing in teams will be a lot more important and effective if players wants to keep up with the game progression.

Available Classes

The full release for Gate of Mobius will come with 5 different classes including a Knight which is a tanky fighter, a hunter which is an assassin melee dps, a ranger which is the long ranged shooter, a mage for the AOE DPS and debuffs and an Alchemist as the support class.

Game Modes and Features

Beyond the single and the four player co-op story mode, players can also challenge each other in PvP at the Arena, join clans, and meet strangers. You will be able to use the summon/gacha system to unlock more characters/classes and enhance them through various ways including crafting/finding better gear, skill upgrades, talent tree and more. In the end, working together as a team and having the a good team composition will be the key to victory.

Final Thoughts

Hope you enjoyed the article and that it has gave you more insight to the gameplay for Gate of Mobius. The game is available for pre-registration right now on both iOS and Android.

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