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Gate of Mobius - Upcoming Anime RPG Shooter Gameplay and Review


Gate of Mobius is an upcoming mobile RPG shooter by Goblin Gamer Company with an iOS and Android global release date of November 2020. Gate of Mobius brings an interest mash between the hack and slash RPG genre and third person shooters. The game is based in a 3D environment with anime inspired characters and design. The game is now available for pre-registration on both iOS and Android.


Gate of Mobius features a fairy tale 3D world where players can solo or play with up to four of their friends challenging different dungeons and instances. Players will be able to shoot, use skills/magic and combination attacks to take down foes. You will need to increase your strength by upgrading skills, equipment and combining the right elements of your class to take down stronger enemies in the game. Players can also work together to take on enemies using strategic roles and combinations.

Available Classes

Gate of Mobius will launch with five different professions:

  • Knight - Tank Fighter

  • Hunter - Melee DPS

  • Ranger - Long range single target DPS

  • Mage - AOE and Debuff DPS

  • Alchemist - Support , Buff and Debuff Class

Will There be Micro-transactions?

There hasn't been much information on how the game will be monetised. However, do expect a large variety of costumes/cosmetics to shape the unique visuals of your character.

Final Thoughts

It's a little odd we haven't heard much about the game and it is releasing very shortly. I can't say I have very high expectations of the game, however, the concept of a RPG Shooter does sound interesting and it may breed some interesting gameplay.

I hope this article has given you some valuable insight. For more information on the latest mobile games, follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. See you soon!

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