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  • Michael Wright

Genshin Impact For Mobile Users - Phone Compatibility and Gameplay

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We wrote this for our beloved mobile gaming community who is playing or is thinking about playing Genshin Impact (the new cross platform RPG that is the biggest talk in the gaming community) on their mobile device. In this article, we will talk about:

  1. Pros and Cons for Genshin Impact for a Typical Mobile Gamer

  2. Mobile Device Requirements and Recommendations

  3. Mobile Game Performance and Settings

  4. Is Genshin Impact Pay to Win

1. Pros and Cons for Genshin Impact gameplay for a Typical Mobile Gamer


  • One of the highest production value games available on iOS and Android devices.

  • The game is full of rich content and side missions/puzzles that will add countless hours of play time value.

  • The game has no auto-play at all from what us typical mobile RPG gamers are used to (maybe good or bad depending on who), battles can get quite challenging and you need to be strategic how you set up your team and which elements to use to create reactions.

  • Beautiful soundtrack and voice overs for every character in the game (across multiple languages too)

  • Beautiful environment and surroundings where you can interact with every single thing in the game ... even every wall is climbable.

  • Very mobile friendly controls.


  • No auto-combat or travelling for those of us too busy/lazy to do it ourselves.

  • Gacha system, you will have to spend money if you want to try out every character in the game even though the game gives you some free pulls and you may get lucky. But chances are, the more rare characters are very difficult to pull and can get very expensive. (Although it's not Pay to Win, it definitely is Pay to have variety). See our Guide on pulling for Characters.

  • For those of you who enjoy competitive play, there is no PvP and ranking boards.

  • The game is not very multiplayer friendly, although there is a 4 player co-op mode, the limitations of it is not very encouraging for people to join your world. (Non-host players can not get any drops or world interactions. Also Co-op mode does not allow story mode play.

2. Mobile System Requirements and Recommendations

Android Phones and Tablets

  • Minimum Device Requirements Compatibility requirements: 64-bit device Memory/Ram: 3 GB and above Operating System: Android 7.0 or above Storage: 8 GB

  • Recommended Device Specs CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and above RAM: 4 GB and above Recommended system: Android 8.1 and above

iOS Devices (iPhone and iPads)

  • Minimum Device Requirements Devices: iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone SE, iPad Air (3rd Gen) and iPad mini (5th Gen) Operating System: iOS 9 and above Storage: 8 GB

  • Recommended Device Specs iPhone 10 or better iPad Pro 3rd gen or better

3. Mobile Game Performance and Settings

We played Genshin Impact on an iPhone 11 and a Huawei P30 pro which performance turned out very similar on both. With that said let's dive into the Pros and Cons:

The good

  • One of most visually appealing game that's ever existed on a mobile device (even on the lowest graphics setting)

  • Runs very smoothly on low setting and battery drain is comparable to most other applications.

The bad and maybe the ugly

  • Even on the lowest graphic settings, we've noticed both phones feels pretty warm. When on medium and high settings, both phones became uncomfortably warm - Not to the point of overheating.

  • Running on high graphic settings with 60 FPS is not viable at all unless you are on Super Gaming Phone like the Nubia Redmagic. Saw constant frame rate drops during combat and high movement frequencies.

  • There is a significant visual difference between high and low settings. There is also a notable difference between the highest setting on the mobile version compared to the PC and PS4 versions.

  • If you're on an older phone like iPhone 8/9 or Galaxy S9, you're forced to play in lowest settings with your phone still heating up a lot.

4. Is Genshin Impact Pay To Win?

The short answer is no, absolutely not pay to win as you can get through the game completely free to play with 0 Gacha/Wish luck from the free pulls the game gives you. The longer answer is that some characters, team combinations and 5 star weapons will give you an easier time in clearing the game. For example, pulling Diluc (5 star DPS) will help you clear things a lot quicker or Venti (5 star Support) will give you a mobility skill to get past fights in dungeons and travel quicker. However, the game is designed so you can get through the entire game with story characters you get for free and the items you get for free, so if you don't want to spend a penny, then don't.

If you want an easier way through the game and make sure you're doing things right so you don't miss out, follow our Ultimate Genshin Impact Guide For Every Player.

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