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Genshin Impact iOS and Android Global Launch - What You Should Know


Whether you are a PC gamer, console game or mobile gamer, I am sure you have heard about the hype that Genshin Impact has created in the last several months. Well the game has finally launched today and now it's time to talk about the real thing. As a hardcore mobile gamer, I will go over two things in this article, first is what to expect from the game play and second is what the experience is like for mobile device users.

First Topic: The Actual Game

What Kind of Game is Genshin Impact?

Have you ever played Zelda? Pretty much just like Zelda (Especially Breath of the Wild) except with more item focus and many unique characters to play. It's a PvE only open world RPG where you will be spending most of your time exploring and interacting with the environment such as running, climbing, flying and swimming around the map. There will be puzzles to complete and many monsters / bosses that you will need to battle to progress through the game. Players can have up to 4 character as part of their combat party and switch between them but can only use 1 simultaneously. On the global launch, there will be 24 playable characters which players will need to use a gacha system to unlock some of the higher tier ones.

What is the Combat Mechanics Like and is There Auto-Play?

For better or worse to my fellow mobile gamers, there is no auto play. Genshin Impact requires your full attention to move around and aim your skills during combat while dodging enemy attacks. Each character has 1 basic attack, 1 regular skill and 1 ultimate skill that uses an energy (mana) system. During combat you can rotate between your 4 characters to create variety in your combat style. Of the 24 available characters in Genshin Impact, each one has a unique element trait that is Cryo, Dendro, Pyro, Hydro, Anemo, Electro and Geo. Elements can be conjured together with the switch of your characters to produce some awesome effects.

Is Genshin Impact Pay To Win (P2W)?

The short answer is No. You can fully play through Genshin Impact without spending a penny and really enjoy the experience. Also since Genshin Impact has no PvP, ranking boards or shared worlds to show off your gear, the notion of pay to win doesn't really exist. To my mobile RPG gaming friends, this may sound like a foreign concept.

Don't get me wrong, the game is full of micro-transactions and areas for spending, battle passes, timed packs, daily packs, flat top-ups, and gacha, you name it, Genshin Impact has it. Players will most likely try the gacha (Wish) to get 5 star weapons and new characters to play. Yes, the 5 star weapons will help you defeat monsters quicker and yes the characters stuck behind pay walls will give you more variety. But to enjoy the game mechanics, the story and all the features of Genshin Impact, they are completely unnecessary.

With all that said, here is a video to help you F2P players become more economically savvy.

Does Genshin Impact Have Multiplayer?

Yes and no. Yes as in there is a 4 player Co-Op option after players reach Adventure rank 16. But no as in the game has many limitations for players who play together in Co-Op while getting through the game as a solo player is a piece of cake.

Co-Op mode in Genshin Impact essentially is one player being the host and his/her friends will enter the host's world as his/her guests. Since there can only be 4 characters available in one world, for every additional player that enters the host's world, the host will have 1 less character to choose from. cannot also have duplicate characters so if the host is using your favorite character, you'll have to choose someone else.

Pros of Co-Op:

  • Fun with friends

  • Easier to clear dungeons (Abyssal Domains and Ley Line Outcrops)

Cons of Co-Op:

  • Players can only join a host's world if that player's world has a higher or same level as the host world.

  • Can't do story mode together in Co-Op mode.

  • Dungeons cannot have duplicate characters so if the host is using your favorite character, you'll have to choose someone else.

  • Players cannot use shops in Co-Op mode.

  • Guests of a host's world cannot open chests, pick up Oculi or make offers to statues.

Can I Play Genshin Impact With My Friends on PC and PS4 if I am playing on Mobile?

Yes you can play with players on the other platforms. However data transfer can only happen between mobile devices and PC but not PS4. This means if you want to play on your PS4 with the same character on your iPhone, that won't be possible.

What's The Experience Like Playing Genshin Impact on Mobile Devices?


Beautiful interface with simple controls

One of the most content rich and detailed games currently on mobile

Very F2P friendly unlike 99% of RPGs available on mobile

Incredible audio and music


Noticeably lower graphic detail than the PC and Playstation versions

FPS drops during combat

You will need a very high end phone for this game to run smoothly on high settings

Drains battery pretty quickly (I recommend turning your settings way down)

iOS and Android Requirements

Skip The Noise! Should I Play or Not?

Gamers who love a great story, game mechanic, graphics and solo play and anime, yes absolutely you should play this.

Gamers who love MMORPGs and really enjoy the the constant social interaction, PvP competitiveness, group events, rankings, this may not be the right fit for you, but I still suggest checking it out to see for yourself.

Gamers who enjoy auto-play, idle games, and straight forward hack and slash without too much exploring and puzzles, this one might be a bit much for you.


I hope i gave you some clarity to what Genshin Impact is about (from the mindset of a mobile gamer) and helped you make a decision to play or avoid the game. If you have any questions or want to see content like this on other games or guides for Genshin Impact, please message us at our contact page.


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