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Upcoming Gacha RPG - Goddess of Genesis Gameplay and Review


Hello everyone, today we will be reviewing Goddess of Genesis, the new anime Hero Collector Gacha Turn-based battle RPG by ZlongGames. (That was a mouthful) I will be talking about the story, combat system, character progression and gacha system. I am currently playing on the South East Asian server and we're expecting a late 2020 global release. You can pre-register for the game now on the app store.


Goddess of Genesis has quite an interesting line up of characters, every single one of them is from a fairy tale or popular fictional characters you've heard of in the past such as Sherlock Holmes, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Lucifer. They each have a deep lore which you can explore by playing through the game. Also, some characters will have synergy together that could trigger specific events as well as combat combinations. However, the actual story in Goddess of Genesis is fairly typical which involves betrayal, meeting new friends and foes, and defeat evil to save the world. You will play the protagonist (you can choose male or female) and he/she will be the one to lead the heroes to victory.

Gameplay and Combat System

I've played many Gacha turn-based combat RPG's this year with some being amazing and others just completely unplayable. With that said, I really enjoyed Goddess of Genesis as combat felt very fast paced and rounds didn't last very long to keep me engaged. Each character has many interesting skills that can be paired up with other characters. Such as when you have Gabriel and Michael in the same party, the 2 angels can combine some attacks together and do some awesome damage. You can choose to play manually with some tactical combat or play with auto on 2x speed like I do, because I just want the round to end so I can go through the story and look for new characters.

The game will also feature common features such as a guild system, daily quests, timed events, guild events, 1 on 1 PvP and more.

Gacha and Character Progression

Currently there are over 8 banners to pull from, each with their own title heroes and weapons. The current rate for a SSR pull is 2.2% which is quite high. I did 20 pulls and got 2X SSR's and 6x SR's. in the SEA server, it costs $100 to do a 60 pull and $50 to do a 30 pull off of any banner.

Each character can be advanced by using levelling books, ascension items, gears and artifacts. Awakening a hero will give it more skills and passives to make them stronger in combat. Remember to save your levelling and ascension items for characters you will want to use for the long term because they aren't that easy to come by.

Final Thoughts

Hope you all enjoyed reading this article on my first impressions of Goddess of Genesis. I just want to reiterate for a casual Gacha player, I found Goddess of Genesis to be quite fun with the fast paced combat system and relatable hero selection. (Also did I mention the high pull rates of SSR units is also quite awesome?) Make sure to watch the YouTube video in this guide to see some gameplay review. Also please support the growing YouTube channel and website as I will try to make more reviews and guides on mobile games.

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