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Goddess of Genesis S Global Beginner's Guide

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Goddess of Genesis Beginner's Guide


Hey everyone, I wanted to make this Goddess of Genesis guide to help you understand different elements in the game and some tips and tricks that could help you progress. This guide will cover things such as the adventure levels, the various challenges in the game, PvP, materials, summons, team formations and more!

Adventure Mode (Main Story)

In the adventure mode (story mode), players will gain experience, star stones, tarot cards, elemental oil, and gold. If you did spend a bit of money and got a VIP level, upon clearing stages in each chapter, you will be able to blitz through the stages. (Fast clear without playing) Each stage requires stamina/energy to be able to do an adventure level. Even if you run out of stamina, you may purchase stamina refills in shop or wait for stamina to replenish naturally over time.

The Waifus in Goddess of Genesis really wants to take you on an adventure and is very reluctant on doing so! So why not let them, Waifu is Laifu right? Moreover, clearing stages gives promising rewards. Make sure to try and get a 3 star stage clear to unlock adventure chest rewards. Also, there are two types of adventure difficulty, Normal and Elite, you will earn much higher rewards by clearing higher stages in the Elite mode. So keep hustling and grind away!

Challenge Modes

Goddess of Genesis Beginner's Guide Challenges and Modes

Now let us head over to the training features under the challenges tab. Here we have various activities that will help us level up our gods and goddesses. Oh yes, raising the power of our deities does increase our Main Power ranking as well! How can we help our handsome and beautiful deities? Simple! By completing the various challenge modes, you will be able to gather upgrades and awakening materials to boost your deities. But that's not all, you can also farm for SR/SSR rank gears and materials which will further boost the power of your party.

Listed below are the current available challenges:

Astral Shore: Here you will find SR gears, upgrading and awakening materials.

Grand Cook Off: Experience!! You can obtain food to level up your deities faster. The higher the stage you beat, the better food reward! You may also blitz completed stages.

Slime Trove: Gold! Gold! Upgrading does require gold, so don't forget to do this daily! Unfortunately, there is a limit to a once a day entry. Hey, gold don't grow on trees right?

Phantom of the Opera: You need to reach certain levels to unlock challenges. With this challenge, you can obtain pact gifts materials. Gotta love gifts.

Arcane Trial: Another higher level challenge. In this challenge, you can receive mithril coins.

Dream Chronicle: Zzzz! Good morning! Although it does say a dream, it's another challenge in which you will find rare and valuable items.

Great, you made it! We discovered the training challenges and their bountiful treasures! Why not spoil our gods and goddesses some more? Under challenges there are also timed events. Better set an alarm so you don't miss out!

PvP Arena

Goddess of Genesis PvP Arena Ranks

Welcome to the PvP arena in Goddess of Genesis! Here you can challenge other players online and show off the strength of your dieties. Make sure to set up an offensive and defensive team with various strategy to counter different enemies. Of course, ranking up is what you want to focus on. The higher your rank, the more honor and star stones will be rewarded to you which can be exchanged for goodies in the shop.

Questing to Earn Materials and Experience

Goddess of Genesis Daily Quests and Tasks

Questing is essential in Goddess of Genesis for your progression in the game. To get the most out of the game, always complete your daily missions, bounty order, angelic trials, adventure, challenges, and mercenary quests. You may also check out the shop for extra materials.

Shopping time! What You Should Buy in Goddess of Genesis

Goddess of Genesis Shop

Mystery shop offers upgrade materials that could help enhance the characters in your party. The various materials and items cost gold or star stones.

Fame Shop requires friends! send friends gifts or team up in adventures to obtain friendship points.

Gear Shop allows you to exchange for SR/SSR rank gears. Dismantle unwanted gears to receive crystals to use as the exchange currency. You may find this feature under Alchemy.

Memory Shop which is a place players may exchange for items using the memories they get from summoning. This process may require some patience as it requires summoning quite a few deities to receive memories. You must extract the diety or receive from Hero Manual to get Amber. Use the amber to exchange for SR/SSR gears.

Stardust shop offers gold and trinkets. Dismantle higher rank gears to receive stardust and exchange for the better.


Joining a guild gives additional stat boosts. Level up guild ability of your own choice to customise your very own unique player build. (I recommend making balanced builds which will give you flexibility to fight any opponent)

You may also enter the Guild Hall to meet members or take photos of your favorite goddess/god. Don't forget to donate! Donations gives stamina, contribution points, guild funds and heroic grail. You may use contribution points in the guild shop to exchange for various goodies!

Summoning / Gacha

The most exciting part about Gacha games. Collect enough tarot cards and destiny tarot to summon 10x for higher chances of SR and SSR characters and gears. There are three categories in summoning: Playable heroes, gears and friendship point summon. Equipment is a must, therefore, focusing on gears is a must. Friendship points summon gives normal to rare hero and gears. Additionally, every summon that you already own will give you shards for that hero which you can use to upgrade. (Upgrade a rare rank into a super rare rank) If you do not own the character but have obtained their shards, you can use these to summon that hero once you've collected enough.

Team Formation

Goddess of Genesis Party Formations

Goddess of Genesis has an element system where each element has an advantage/disadvantage to other elements:

Fire wins over Earth

Earth wins over Water

Water wins over Fire

Placing 3 or 5 diety of the same element in a team formation activates additional team buffs. Placing 3 diety in the Assistance Formation also gives your team a buff. Make sure you have 3 or 5 of the same element in your party. You may place them in the active or Assistance Formation slots. Try to view the enemy set up and strategically set up your party before challenging.

Team skill combo! Our favorite gods and goddesses have connecting characters for their certain skills. Add the heroes that can create combos together in the same team Formation. You can check their skill information and look for a character icon beside a skill to find out which heroes you can form parties with. Moreover, you can adjust the skill settings casting order by swiping the skill icon between 1-2-3. This will help in auto casting and making skill orders differently from others!

Destiny Tarot/Tarot Cards

Tarots are used for summoning and is a very crucial part to Goddess of Genesis. Where do you find them? Fear not, the game is very generous to F2P players. You can obtain summoning materials in star stone shop, doing angelic trials, bounty order and adventure. You can also get the bounty orde, which is a monthly pass full of quests that return many rewards as you progress through the game.

To wrap up this game play guide, personally I think Goddess of Genesis is extremely fun and worth trying. I love the art and designs. The various game features are amazing with many activities to do. You can expect challenging gameplay and requires strategical team formations to beat difficult opponents. Nonetheless, a great game to try!

For more information on the latest mobile games and guides, follow us on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. See you soon!


Goddess of Genesis Gameplay Review

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