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Hard Crisis: An Adventure RPG Heads Over To Android And iOS

FANTEC’s Hard Crisis is an adventure survival sci-fi RPG set on an unknown star. The story revolves around the protagonist who crash lands on the unexpected world where they have dangerous encounters with strange aliens, intense blizzards, poisonous marshes and other geographical hazards.

One of the members goes missing in the game, spaceship destroyed with no connection to the headquarter, the protagonist has to figure a way out.

Apart from that, the protagonist is enrolled in a training school for the Space Investigation Team. At this school, an exam is held twice a year to join the Investigation Team officially. The main task of this exam involves planet investigations which the team of trainees, including the protagonist, was headed to a planet that the protagonist’s role model investigated in the past.

The game showcases pixel arts to define its characters. The entire game's progression depends upon the choices you make. The game's graphics and music add a punch to the theme of the game.

To get your hands on the game, you can try it by downloading it from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android. It is a premium title, costing £1.99 on iOS and £1.79 on Android.

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