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Heroes War: Counterattack Receives First Major Update

Com2Us’s Heroes War: Counterattack has released the first update since the game first released in November.

In this major update, the developers have introduced Guild Raids. Basically, it is a cooperative mode where eight guild members fight together to defeat a powerful boss. After every victory, the game will assign a specific guild rank. The progression will be judged by how much damage each team member did to the boss. After winning the match the game will award various in-game items and points.

Also, The holiday update has added a new Equipment Change System, This feature will restrict the players from carrying unwanted equipment. In addition to that, that unused equipment can be exchanged to forge better gears obtained from Guild Raids.

Apart from that, Guild points can now be exchanged for an SSR Promotion Card. This is entirely based on the guild ranking and personal contribution towards the Guild. The challenge is throughout the week.

Most importantly, there will be a ten-day login bonus with various rewards available to collect each day. The event will span from 17th December to the 31st of December. And, from 24th December to January 13th a Christmas wheel is being added. The players have to spin the wheel using tickets earned from completing daily missions.

Lastly, items like Nadine SD Portrait Christmas special edition and Wreath Frame are rewarded. To receive the rewards the player must log in once before 3rd of January. There will be a Special Hot Time Event between 25th December and the 27th, as well as 1st January and the 3rd of January.

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