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  • Michael Wright

Icarus M: Riders of Icarus Beginner's Guide

Welcome to the Icarus M: Riders of Icarus Beginner's Guide for tips, cheats, tricks and strategies to get started in the game.

Before I begin, I just want to let you know who this game is for. The game is very similar to many asian style MMORPGs on mobile with autoplay and in app purchases leading to pay to win mechanics. It is a great game if you don't have too much time to play games and aren't very competitive about having the strongest character. Give it a try regardless and let us know your thoughts.

Choosing Your Class

The global launch lets you choose between the 5 classes listed below, which unfortunately are gender locked. Each class has their own unique skill system and battle traits so choose wisely on who to pick for your first character. We personally recommend the Gladiator, Ranger or Wizard to start.

Gladiator: Gladiator is a melee class that uses an axe and shield with a defensive skill set and some crowd control. It has a shield charge as a gap closer and cc with a fairly long swing from the axe as a dps skill. This class is great for group play due to the defensive buffs it can give to the party. It is a pretty decent class for solo play too due to it

Ranger: Probably the best class for solo play due to it's long range attacks and aoe with attack speed buffs for the entire party. This is also currently the most overpowered class in PVP due to the ranger's high dps and mobility.

Assassin: The assassin class is the highest melee dps class in the game with fast bursts and gap closers from a short sword. It does not have much defensive skills or mobility, but it has the fastest attack speed in the game with some very cool animations. This class is the most gear dependent among all the classes.

Wizard: The typical mage class with huge AOE, DPS and Crowd Control. The wizard has a buff to raise vitality of the party to offset the natural squishyness of the Wizard class. It is probably the easiest class to play with a large potential for high level combat. If you enjoy doing ranged DPS through magic, this is definitely the class for you.

Artist: Support class primarily for slam buffs and healing. It's a great class for group play and you won't have a hard time finding parties. The artist class has a very unique weapon which is a large paint brush and gives you a combination of melee and ranged attacks. If you are bored of the generic MMORPG classes, definitely give this one a try.

A priest class should be the 6th class to be released that focuses more on defensive and healing skills, we will find out more soon on this class.

Navigation and Movement

Icarus M does have auto play and auto quest which means you can either use the left joystick to move around or click your quest icon and the game will automatically take you to the next quest location.


The inventory system has a maximum space mechanic per category (weapon, armor, jewelry, supplies and material) which you can increase the quantity through cash shop items. Currently each character can equip a helmet, armor, neck, gloves boots, ring, pendant and earrings. From the inventory screen you can also access your familiar (your pet) and your costume. A very cool function in this game is that it lets you have different sets of item builds incase you need to switch between different builds for specific occasions.

As you can see, each item can be leveled (enhanced), reinforced (another form of power up), modified (change the skill stats) and awakened (only applies to certain high grade gear). Each item will have fixed stats and random stats while some of the higher grade items will have unique/exclusive stats as well. One thing you do have to keep in mind is that Icarus M does have a durability system so items will need to be repaired.

Pets (Familiars)

Familiars are the pets in Icarus M, as you can see you will be able to collect and unlock many of them to fight along your side. They all have unique skills and stats which can be upgraded like equipment. Also see below for familiar linking, by linking different familiars, you will be able to get bonus stats and skills.


As you can see to the bottom right, every character can have 3 main skills which can be swapped with others as you unlock them, a conditional skill (skill to be used when enemy is under certain status), a main basic attack and a evasive skill. There is also something called Link skills which become available after reaching certain skill combos. Furthermore, in Icarus M, there are unique combat environments in the sky which opens your character up to a whole new skill set which you can customise.

Players in Icarus M will also get skill points as they level up and can use it to increase passive stats and skill proficiency. I suggest saving your points and waiting until you're higher level to allocate them. The reason for this is because you will get a better sense of the build you want to go in order to optimise it.


There will be a crafting system in Icarus M which you can combine loot from quests and dungeons to craft equipment, weapons, familiars (pets), potions, accessories, and equipment enhancing tools.

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