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  • Michael Wright

Kaiser The Muscle King Pro Gameplay Smash Legends

Kaiser King of Muscles Smash Legends

Kaiser recently received an update to his hitbox and has given him a lot more combat potential. Kaiser is one of the tankiest and heavy hitting characters in Smash Legends. He has the potential to knock enemies way out of the zone so they can't make it back. Although he is a bit on the slower end, some of his abilities makes him extremely tanky and sturdy to take a beating from the enemy team. He is extremely fun to play and has one of the best character designs in the game.

Kaiser's playstyle is very much based on strategy and timing as his cooldowns are fairly long and his attack animations are quite predictable. However, if you time your attacks well, Kaiser can send his enemies flying and he can also play a crucial role in 3v3 maps to hold certain regions with his high HP, damage reduction and anti crowd control abilities.

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