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Kung Fu Master Build: Blade and Soul Revolution Guide

Hello Mobo gang welcome back! This guide will show you how to build the best Kung Fu Master for both PvE and PvP in Blade and Soul Revolution.

This Kung Fu Master build gets huge crit bonuses at over 50% crit chance and can deal massive damage, but getting your combos right is very important. It's pretty noob friendly too so anybody can play it. This build also works in both PvE and PvP against any class. I'll show you the build first then skill rotation at the end.

You will want to max out the Flying Slam tree first then Max out Leading Palm tree second. Bring Uppercut Assault to level 10. Keep everything else at the base stance at level 1 and put everything else into your ultimate skills including tiger's pounce, rising dragon, eight talons and tiger strike. The order you want to do this in is bring every skill in the Flying Slam tree and Leading Palm Tree to level 10, then bring all of your ultimate and Uppercut Assault to level 10. Then bring Flying Slam and Leading Palm tree skills to level 20.

Don't touch anything in your grapple stance or utility skills and leave them at level 1.

For Skill variants:

Straight Jab variant 1.

Counter Variant 2 for the 15% crit hit rate buff.

Iron Shoulder variant 2 for the damage reduction.

Thruster Punch variant 3 for the PvP piercing rate of 10% or use variant 2 for PvE for the weaken.

Hell Kick fire use variant 2 for the invincibility but only if you feel confident on your ability to time it correctly to negate damage, otherwise just stick to variant 1 for the damage.

Flying Slam variant 3 for the knock down and CC resist and variant 2 for PvE.

Swift strike variant 1 for the damage.

Cyclone kick variant 3 for the 2 second invincibility.

Iron butterfly variant 1 for the 15 second weaken.

Uppercult assault use variant 1 for the extra damage.

For ultimate stance variants

For Fighting Spirit use variant 1 for the crit hit rate buff of 20% for 15 seconds.

For tiger's pounce use variant 2 for the damage reduction for 10% for 15 seconds.

For Rising dragon use variant 2 for the pull and damage reduction by 15% for 10 seconds.

Eight Talons you dont have a choice but to use variant 1 for the accuracy buff.

For passives max attack power 3, accuracy, crit hit 2, attack power 2, piercing and put 10 points into crit hit 1 and the rest of the points in defense 3 and crit defense 2 evenly.

For Hongmoon arts, there really isn't anything not worth getting here, so use your own judgement here but you don't have much of a choice anyways, it's pretty linear.

For legendary pets use the awakened lycan for the extra crit damage and you can also use Wukong when it comes to PvP. For heroic pets, you will want to aim for either the awakened infernal lord for the pvp stats or blossom for the crit bonus.

For a PvP weapon get either one of the dueling gauntlets under rare or heroic for and use Sterling or Profane for PvE or if you're a baller you can get Exile for the damage buff for both PvP and PvE.

For rare accessories go for 7 pieces of Fracture set for the Atk bonus or indomitable for the pvp atk bonus. For heroic go for 7 pieces of the Release set for the attack or Ivory Spirit for the pvp attack. As for legendary you will want the Mushin set.

For your Soul Shield set you will want to aim for South fleet for the rare set and Gubong for the heroic set as they both give huge crit damage boosters.

For reforging stats go for as much crit and crit damage as possible.

Start off with your counter skill to get the 15% crit buff from your variant then use flying slam to trigger the knock down variant and use thruster punch to get the 10% PvP piercing buff or the weaken debuff if you're using variant 2 for PvE. In PvP the enemy will probably use recovery from your flying slam knockdown, so now you should follow up with the leading palm tree to get your aerial combo in. Then finish off your flying slam tree which you've already started with Swift strike, cyclone kick and iron butterfly which applies weakens to the enemy for 15 seconds. Then finish off your Thruster punch skill tree which you've started earlier too with hellfire kick, leg sweep and grapple. If you ever do get them in grapple, use your normal punch 3 times and a clobber for the most damage and another knockdown or headbutt if you need healing. In between each skill you should be using your normal attack straight jab to get extra hits in there and when you notice theyre about to attack, use counter to block the damage and hit them back.

So after you drop your first skill rotation, your ultimate should be ready. Before using Upper Assault to get into your ultimate stance, use counter to get the crit rate buff again and thruster punch for the pvp pierce or weaken. Then drop upper assault to get into your ultimate stance. Use fighting spirit first to gain that massive 20% crit hit rate buff and use tiger bounce to apply the damage reduction variant then rising dragon for another damage reduction variant and finally eight talons which will weaken the enemy. Then spam Tiger strike and tiger's pounce. I would say go back to your first skill rotation on your base stance when there is about 25% left on your ultimate's timer. Just keep repeating this process and use your counter skill and evade skills whenever you can to negate damage. Also if you're fighting against a ranged opponent, if you counter one of their attacks, you immediately gap close to where they are.

Hopefully this guide has been helpful and given you some insight on how you can build your summoner in Blade and Soul Revolution. Good luck on getting the game started right and let me know what you think of the character you chose in the comments below. Also don't forget to drop a like on the video if you enjoyed this and subscribe for more. Until next time my friends, peace!

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